Guide to Crate Training

Crate training is a great way to keep your house and new puppy safe in it’s home. It is also an essential tool for house training and building up bladder control. It takes puppies and dogs a little while to get used to crate training but using a boredom buster toys and treats help ease the process. Introducing the Crate…

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Top 3 products to help your dog with firework phobia

Fireworks are the nemesis of many a dog; their big lights in the sky and crashing sounds can turn even the bravest dog into a shivering wreck who is foaming at the mouth. While the level of anxiety caused by fireworks can vary from dog to dog, it is sensible as an owner to start building your dog up to…

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My dog was hit by a car

There are some moments when being a dog owner is the hardest thing in the world. Where everything goes in slow motion. When you realise that as an owner of another being, you made a terrible mistake. All these thoughts and more went through my head when Houdini was hit by a car a few days ago. What started off…

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Flea Time

Sadly it’s that time of year again- Flea time. Fleas are quite possibly the most annoying pet parasite and make a pet owners life a misery. Here are a few tips on how to spot fleas on your dog and how to get rid of them. Thankfully in most areas, fleas only appear in the warmer months but we know…

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Dangers in the City for Dogs

Sometimes walking the dogs feels like a round of “Gladiators” with having to weave through busy crowds, watching out for litter and avoiding man hole covers or grates. Sometimes our walks feel more like an assault course than a pleasant walk with our dogs. To save our sanity, we have compiled a list of the biggest dangers to dogs in…

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