How To Travel Within The EU With Your Pet

We have just returned from a mini road trip through France and Belgium and as so many of you asked us how we travel with the dogs, I thought I would do a very quick post to let you know. We did a more in depth blog post here, but these are the basics. The UK uses a system called the…

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Do Squeaky Toys Encourage Puppies to BIte?

So we had a client with the cutest puppy ever who had been told by their dog “trainer” to remove all squeaky toys as they encourage biting. Let’s do a little myth busting here. Thank you internet. I have read online that squeaky toys can cause anything from aggression, to resource guarding and predatory instincts in dogs (hell, I am…

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Coping with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Houdini, (my shihtzu mix) is the most loyal, loving dog I have had the pleasure of owning. He would walk through fire for me. That kind of loyalty is not often seen in a dog, and I thank him for it every day. Houdini has one issue, that puts a rather large, dark cloud over our heads, and for years…

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Can I have a dog if I work full time?

This is probably the question we get asked the most, and has the most complex set of answers. Is it possible to have a dog yet still work full time? Theoretically, yes of course it is. However, careful consideration needs to be made to make sure you pick the right dog and your funds allow. Every dog we have had…

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A Day In The Life of City Dog Expert

We get a lot of people who ask what our daily routine is like so we thought we would write it down for you. Every day is slightly different but this is the general breakdown   9.30 am Up and ready to shine. We aren’t early risers in this house so when the sun comes up, we reach for the…

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