2017 Top 4

It’s week 2 of 2018 and it’s been pretty incredible so far. We did however want to take a few moments to reflect on our top 4 highlights of 2017. Do you agree with our highlights? Adopting Chaplin Many of you long time followers will remember the story of Chaplin, the saluki. Chaplin was found wondering in a field near…

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3rd Day of Christmas- Nineteen 87

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY As a reward for being such amazing readers, we have teamed up with some of our favourite UK brands to offer our biggest ever UK giveaway valued at £1000!! Every day (for 12 days) you have the chance to win all 12 prizes varying from dog clothes, toys, treats and food. It is sure to…

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Separation Anxiety Products to Try

Separation Anxiety can absolutely destroy the relationship you have with your dog. Most of you know the hell I went through when I first adopted Houdini. I was nearly evicted from my apartment for his constant barking, he was destroying the space and soiling furniture and clothing, etc. You can read more about it here The number one call I…

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Dog Apartment Hacks

Living in the City can be hard  enough for adults, let alone adults with dogs (or multiple dogs like in my case!!). Space comes at a premium for us City dwellers so we decided to put together our top dog apartment hacks for living in a small space Multipurpose Furniture When you live in the City, space is a premium…

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How to Protect your Dog from a Terrorist Attack

Most of you have probably already heard that London was the latest place to be attacked by terrorism over the weekend. While terrorism around the world is a terrible and shocking thing, this attack happened less than 8 minutes from the City Dog Expert HQ so became a little more personal than most. What was even more shocking than the…

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