Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe At The Beach


As the final weeks of summer are with us – many of us are thinking about beach adventures and wondering if its ok to bring our dog with us to a beach destination. Here are our top tips on how to make sure your dog has a brilliant day at the beach without you having to worry.

Be Cautious of Sea Water

Make sure your dog does not drink the sea water. Salt water can make our dogs very sick so it is important to make sure that there is fresh drinking water available

Use Sunscreen When At The Beach

If you have a short coated dog, hairless dogs or one with patchy fur- use dog sunscreen to make sure they are well protected

Find Some Shade For Your Dog

Make sure you have a shady area for your dog to get out of the direct sunshine. Like with humans, dogs should not be out in the sunshine all day so take a suntent to the beach to allow your dog some respite from the sun – or make sure you are under a tree.-

Make Sure You Work On Training

Encourage good behaviour. If your dog is allowed off lead- make sure they have a solid recall. Don’t let them steal snacks from other beach lovers- not only is it rude- but the food may potentially not be dog safe. If you need some help with basic obedience and beach skills, City Sit Stay training would be able to help.

Wash The Sand Out Of Your Dogs Fur

Wash your dog as soon as you get home. Nobody likes to feel sand in their shoes for days after a beach adventure- it’s the same with your dog. Leaving sand in dog fur or the pads of their feet will make them itchy and case problems

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