The Secret Life of a Vet Interview and Giveaway


Did you join us in reading September’s Book Club choice- The Secret Life of a Vet?

We absolutely loved this book- it was such a fun yet poignant read. The memories Rory shared with us, and the journey he took the reader on were just magical. This is the first month that even my mum got involved in Book Club- such was the way Rory captured his audiences attention.

So having sung the praises of this incredible story, we wanted to share it with you all.

Rory has kindly offered a free book to one lucky reader. All you have to do is enter below and enjoy his interview

What inspired you to become a vet?

It’s always been veterinary for me, ever since I first visited the vets as a four year old boy with our first Great Dane puppy Lulu

Can you remember your first patient?

Ralph was my first proper case. He was a boxer dog and had horrible epilepsy which ultimately we had to put him to sleep for. He was both my first proper case, and the first patient I cried over.

Cats or dogs (remember Jester is reading!!)?

Dogs. Cats. No, dogs. Ugh…

Without any book spoilers, what’s your fav memory so far of your career?

The first time I delivered puppies by a cesarean. It was incredibly stressful but the most rewarding thing I have done.

You talk a lot about the pressures of being a vet both on your mental health and life in general. Have you always been so in tune to your needs and wellness?

Absolutely not. I am often my own worst enemy, and I talk about going down the rabbit hole in my book. I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve and one of the best things my therapist told me was that talking about these things is often the best way to lighten the load. He was right.

Your social media focuses heavily on the lifestyle changes you have made recently- cycling, baking etc. Is this tied into your mental health needs also?

I think vets are often guilty of pigeon holing themselves. Being a vet is our identity, but it cannot be everything we are. Baking and exercise are just some of the tools I use to unwind and stay healthy.

We volunteer with charities to bring mental health breaks to individuals in need of a bit of puppy therapy. Do you find that animal therapy works in the same way for you (as it’s also your job)?

Oh 100%. There is bags of research into the benefit of dogs on mental health and I am a firm believer that a dog cuddle is the best anecdote to a bad day.

Where does your drive for success come from? Has it always been there, or is it learnt?

My dad. He is the hardest worker I know and always told me that if I worked hard enough for something, it would eventually come to me one way or another.

How do you relax?

I’m not very good at this haha. I can occasionally be found binging a Netflix box set with a bottle of wine or if I’m feeling like I need to get away, out on my bike into the countryside.

If you could choose any career in the world (other than being a vet), what would you do?

If I couldn’t be a vet I’m not sure I would be terribly happy. I would still want to work with animals so maybe something that incorporated travel too, something in conservation maybe?

What brings you happiness?

Dogs. All animals in fact. Good food. Seeing new places. My family and friends.

Any advice for vet school students who are just starting their journey?

It will be tough but keep at it. Everyone feels like they aren’t good enough at times, you are. And yes, you are a vet and it’s amazing, but don’t forget the other things in life that make you who you are. They are just as important.

Do you think a dog can thrive in an urban environment?

Absolutely. I see dozens every day that are testament to this.

What are your top 3 tips for city dog owners?

Listen to your dog, they are often telling you everything you need to know.

Be aware of the challenges your dog faces that are out of their nature and develop strategies to face these.

Make sure you allow your dog to be a dog.

Thank you so much Rory for the amazing book and the fun interview. Congratulations on the new puppy. 

If you would like to win a copy of The Secret Life of Vets, enter below

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    Great giveaway! I’d love to win Rory’s book!

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