Firework Prep Course- Online Class


Is your dog scared of fireworks?

Does the sound of a sparkler fill you with dread?

Did you know that 40% more pets go missing on bonfire night than any other night of the year?

Estimates show that nearly 50% of dogs show signs of anxiety/nervousness when they hear fireworks.

Thankfully fireworks in the UK come at predictable times of the year, which allow us time to set up our dogs to succeed,

by reducing reactivity and building up confidence.

Sadly many people make the mistake of only preparing their dogs to relax to fireworks

 on the morning of the 5th November which is usually too late for most dogs.

But you can start now

In our mini course, you will learn

  • How to prepare your dog for bonfire night
  • How to read your dogs body language to understand when they start to get scared
  • How to encourage your dog to focus on you when startled
  • How to encourage your dog to relax
  • A fully comprehensive action plan and workbook
  • Practical tips and tricks to make fireworks night easier

All for just £10, less than the cost of a firework!

Dog Firework Prep mini course

Join us

on Saturday 17th October at 11 am

our private Facebook group

For our LIVE training, techniques & tips to help your dog have a less stressful Bonfire night!


Meet your hosts


Kimberly Marie Freeman, has over 16 years extensive experience and know how having worked on both sides of the Atlantic.

Her specialty is rescue dogs and she volunteers with rescue groups fostering, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs of all ages.

Her focus is on force free training and positive reinforcement and tries to make all training easy, practical and fun for both human and hound.


Over the last 11 years I have had the privilege of caring for hundreds of dogs and I have learnt so much about dog communication and behaviour. I believe that with the right guidance, knowledge and practice we can all help our dogs through challenging events and situations.

I’m so excited to be working with Kimberly again and to share this mini course with  owners of puppies, anxious dogs and rescue dogs., who will benefit so much from the the tools and techniques we will be sharing.

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