Garbo Vets Fundraiser-£1000’s of prizes raffle


Hello lovelies,

Sadly, this isn’t a happy smiley blog post, but more a plea for help.

Many of the UK’s top dog and lifestyle-product companies have donated amazing accessories – and much more – for a raffle with thousands of pounds’ worth of prizes, to raise money for the following absolute dog emergency.

My little white Pomeranian Garbo has been sick since she arrived with me. Without going into too many details about how awful things have been (there will be a more detailed blog post coming soon), little Miss Garbo has been riddled with health complications that I was not made aware of when I got her from her breeder. Her entire leg needs reconstructing with the second back leg needing surgery in the future.

She currently weighs 0.77kg at nearly 10 months old

She currently weighs 0.77kg at nearly 10 months old

As this was an issue that she was born with that the breeder didn’t notice (shockingly), I have been told it will not be covered by my pet insurance. Since yesterday, Garbo has been admitted to the Emergency Vet for the 3rd time with potentially life-threatening issues including hypoglycemia, ulcers, liver shunt, and other blood issues. So far I have spent over £ 3000 in vets fees, an additional £ 2,500 last night, and, as I type, she is being driven to a specialist who has given the starting estimate of £ 4000 for a day’s care.

As mentioned, I do have pet insurance for her. However, the maximum in claims per year is £ 12,000, so I will be quickly over my limit for the year. And who knows if anything else will go wrong with her…

I had a short term plan to sell my campervan to help with vets fees, but that failed its MOT today and will cost £ 1000, estimate, to repair. I really have tried everything.

I would normally be able to cover all expenses, but these are exceptional circumstances regarding Garbo and the negligence on the part of an irresponsible breeder.  Coupled with Covid 19, I have been unable to hardly work for over 6 months. For a self employed person, that is a huge financial loss. As many of you know, I am usually a working actress and producer. Sadly both these jobs don’t exist anymore.  I am also very lucky to often be paid for blog and social media work. However, most businesses do not have the budget anymore due to their own covid related cutbacks. My other jobs include running a dog daycare which (due to most people working from home) overnight went from fully booked, to no regular clients. I am also a dog trainer and very proud of my work within the industry. However because of government advised shielding for several months on end, I have been unable to see any clients face to face.

None of this is Garbo’s fault, and we really need to raise money to save this incredibly poorly dog’s life.


The Prizes

We have approached some of our fav brands and people who have kindly donated some incredible prizes and experiences.

There will be 5 winners- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th place who will collect amazing goodies

The Raffle

Tickets are £ 5  each-the more you donate in increments of £5, the more tickets you will get.

Every £ 5  entry will be given a number and entered to win one of 5 prize bundles

Winners announced on 30th October 2020

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