Dress up for Charity

      Sometimes being silly and dressing up for charity is exactly what the Dr ordered.   The dog world in NYC likes to take things to extremes and the charity events here are no exception. As many of you know, the team at City Dog Expert do a lot of fundraisers for various charities in the USA but…

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Rescue Facts review and Giveway

When I first looked at the Rescue Facts ID Wrap, I thought it was a great idea but did not understand the necessity for pet owners. How was this any different to an ID tag or microchip? Upon receiving the rescue facts wrap, the difference became very clear. The emergency information inside is so through and contains emergency contact, medical…

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Troff water pouch review

It is still hot in the city and it is vitally important to keep your dog as cool and healthy as possible while inside and out. Our favorite product at the moment is the Troff water pouch. The convenience of this product means that you have a fresh, clean supply of water with you at all times to keep Fido hydrated.…

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Unique Natural Products review

The summer is here and with it comes dirty feet, grass stains and frozen kongs for the babes. As I have a city apartment, I am constantly looking for products that are not just environmentally friendly but also work well for the small environment that I live in. Unique Naturals ticks all boxes. The kind folk at Unique Naturals sent…

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Mystery Puzzle Dog Toy Puzzle Review

  I am a big fan of boredom buster toys and am always looking for something new and fun to keep the pups engaged. When I saw the Mystery Tree Dog Toy Puzzle, I knew I had to have it. It looked interactive enough to keep even Harley Quinn engaged and really played to Houdini’s love of tennis balls. This…

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