Back to School

Just as the school semester is coming to an end, City Dog Expert decides to go back to school. Not just any school however with boring teachers, 8 hour exams and school bullies. We have registered for FREE pet classes at Pet MD University   Gone are the days of a useless degrees in Quantum Physics from Harvard (sic). Pet MD…

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The Boudoir Interview starring Gia Marie

There was a time when a dogs only home was its kennel outside. Thankfully things have changed and our pets are not just welcome inside, they are given their own bedroom! In the city, space is a premium but these pampered pooches are given more square footage than most New Yorkers! We decided to start a new collection of interviews…

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Fun website for NYC dog owners

Wanted to know what the top 10 dog names are in NYC? Or what breed runs your neighborhood? is a fun website that tells you all this and more     Harley Quinn and Houdini are unique names for unique dogs

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Interview with Sophie Gamand of Striking Paws Photography

One of our favorite pet photographers sat down and answered the hard questions that Harley Quinn and Houdini wanted answered. Introducing the incredible Sophie Gamand from Striking Paws Photography Welcome Sophie, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed. Your photography is hugely popular in the celebrity dog world, but apart from animals and cameras, what other passions do…

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Choosing a Pet Sitter

As much as we wish we could bring our pups with us everywhere, not every trip is appropriate for your dog. If you need to leave your dog at home, a pet sitter can be a great option. Picking a good pet sitter is important; you want someone who is reliable and good with animals, especially your dog.  You want to be…

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