Mikki Pet Grooming Products Review

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Brushing our dogs is one of the most basic care needs that our pets require. The Mikki Pet Grooming Products that are reviewed in this post are the perfect addition to a grooming routine.

Depending on the breed, depends on how frequently the grooming schedule will look like. For my 6 Pomeranians, I have to groom them daily to make sure their coats are in top condition, knot-free and silky soft. 

Having 6 dogs means that I am surrounded by floof. Pomeranians especially are notorious for getting fur everywhere. They are heavy shedding dogs, and while I adore the breed to pieces, sometimes the fur can become a little unmanageable. This is where a sensible grooming regime is necessary and have been using the Mikki bamboo collection, I might finally be on top of the grooming and have finally said goodbye to the fur on the sofa, rugs, and all over my clothes. 

The problem with most dog grooming products is that they are plastic heavy and rely on non-recyclable materials. As someone who is trying to actively reduce my carbon footprint, the Mikki Pet bamboo range makes the most sense for me to use. 

The range is made from natural and eco-friendly bamboo that is renewable and sustainable. This planet-friendly option is a superb alternative to 100% plastic.

Not only is the sleek, streamlined design of the Mikki Pet bamboo range beautiful to look at, but it does its job well. The ergonomic design fits better in our hands and allows us to do our job faster. I felt like a professional groomer giving the dogs daily “fluff ups”, and having them look so well manicured and presentable. This collection isn’t just designed for Pomeranians (or other heavy shedders), but is perfect for all dogs, all ages and sizes. Mikki have a brush suitable for every situation. 

About the Mikki bamboo collection

·         Eco friendly and natural, this grooming tool is made from durable, renewable and sustainable bamboo. A great choice to help protect our planet

·         This grooming tool is designed for a safe and gentle groom for your dog or cat. The handle is designed for comfort in each grooming task for the pet and the groomer

·         This grooming tool has been designed for smooth and short-haired pets in mind, the bristles help get rid of matts, loose hair and dirt in your pet’s coat

·         Great for regular grooming. Little and often helps keep on top of your pets grooming needs and helps build a loving and healthy bond between you and your pet

·         The natural stroking action of their planet friendly, handmade bamboo palm brush helps reduce grooming anxiety in nervous pets

Our favourite products from the collection

Bamboo small ball pin brush – Ideal for medium and thick coats. This brush helps remove dead hair and distribute natural oils throughout your pet’s coat.

Bamboo small soft pin slicker- The soft pins on this slicker are designed to lift dead hair as you brush to reduce shedding. The slicker is suitable for medium, long and curly dog coats. This worked really well with the poms and helped give them a more polished look.

Bamboo Combi Brush- this brush is ideal for short and medium coats and helps distribute oils and encourage shine. After using this brush, we really noticed how shiny the dog’s coats were.

Anti Tangle Comb- This comb is designed for fine and medium coats. This is perfect for ears, tails and paws also and we used it most days after walks

Grooming our dogs should not be a hassle and the Mikki Pet grooming range is the perfect melange of fashion and function. Catch up with the rest of our blog posts and find more tips on how to care for your dogs.

Will you be giving Mikki Pet Grooming Products a try for yourself?

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