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In a digital world of top dogs, pet influencers need to make sure their bark is bigger than their bite when it comes to turning free time into a paid time, explains Ashley Rossiter, MD of Pet Brand Marketing Agency, MirrorMePR. Ashley shares her top tips for getting spotted by brands.

Be Authentic

Social media is about being social, so engage with your followers and build a great community. Be authentic and stay loyal to you and your brand. If your brand is high-end, then work with high-end luxury brands to reflect this or if your brand is budget, then aim to work with brands that are a good fit with you. Building consistency will give agencies a clear idea of who you are and what you can offer. This doesn’t mean you can’t work with brands outside of your niche, but keep the same tone and feel.

Be Original

Often marketing agencies and brands will be looking for a particular influencer profile. Highlight your unique selling points in your bio and throughout your social media feed. What is it that makes you different, stand out from the rest? Every influencer is different, so it’s about doing your homework and focusing on what makes you unique and sharing that with the world.

Grow Your Following Organically

Growing your following takes time and dedication. You don’t have to have a ridiculous number of followers to attract brands, but you do have to have an engaged and genuine following. Brands can easily spot buying followers. Cheating by buying followers will not only devalue your worth as an influencer but put brands off from working with you.

Capture Low Hanging Fruit First

Be realistic about your true value when starting out. Aiming for only paid posts in the early days may mean that you miss out on product relationships that could prove lucrative to laying the foundation for more significant opportunities further ahead. Often a collaboration with a great brand with smaller marketing budgets that is also active on social media can bring extra value to the relationship by raising your profile and putting your face in front of new audiences.
Not everyone makes an income to live on being a social media influencer, but you could receive some gorgeous goodies for your dog to enjoy if you stand out for all the right reasons.

Enjoy the journey!

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