Pet Portables First Aid Kits

Pet Portables First Aid Kits

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month and seemed the perfect time to review the first aid kits from Pet Portables.

What I love most about the Pet Portables is that they come in two different sizes which suit most pet emergencies. The large (above) is always in the car or house and I have a small kit (below) for walks and outings with the pups.


The wonderful thing about these kits is that they are incredibly convenient as they store everything in a small place. Before I had a dog first aid kit, I had emergency product stored all over the house (not exactly convenient in an emergency!!)

Each kit contains:

  • 1 bottle styptic powder (toenail bleeding)
  • 1 pair latex gloves (personal protection)
  • 2 pvp Iodine wipes (sterilization)
  • 2 insect sting wipes (apply to bites/stings)
  • 2 2”x2” gauze pads (apply to wounds)
  • 1 pair scissors (trim hair and cut bandage tape)
  • 2 antiseptic towelettes (clean wound/hands)
  • 3 cotton swabs (apply ointment/creams)
  • 2 green soap towelettes (clean wounds/hands)
  • 1 plastic tweezers (splinter/tick removal)
  • 1 1” x 5yd. Coflex (secure bandage)
  • 1 pet care card and CPR card
  • 1 pet kit case


Now while purchasing the first aid kits does not act as an alternative to seeking professional veterinary assistance, they are useful for minor scrapes and wounds and also as a resource to aid your pet before you get them to a vet.

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