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Pet Adoption Simplified With New Central Database For Rescue Dogs & Cats


CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK 3rd May 2023 – A  team of animal lovers in Cambridgeshire, who are determined to make finding the right pet to adopt a great deal easier, have launched a new central database to simplify the process of finding rescue dogs and cats in need of adoption. Recent TV and news articles confirm that there has been a dramatic rise in the number of pet owners parting…

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Warning to UK dog owners: these BBQ foods can be toxic, says Veterinary Surgeon

“Any dog owner knows how tempting those puppy dog eyes can be when they get a scent of our tasty human scran. But human food, especially during barbecue season, can be packed with harmful ingredients that are poisonous to our pooches. Marinades on the meat, ingredients in the side dishes and grown-up ‘lemonade’ are just some of the watch outs.” warns Veterinary Surgeon at Pooch &…

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UK social enterprise in bid to curb stray dog population growth


MANCHESTER, UK, 4Tth May 2023 – UK rescue is at breaking point due to pandemic puppies being abandoned and dogs surrendered due to the cost-of-living crisis. Most overseas organisations focus on rehoming dogs out of their country of origin which Dog Desk Animal Action say is not sustainable. Michelle Robertson, founding director of Dog Desk Animal Action says “While finding homes for dogs in need is hugely admirable,…

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Vet Warns of the Dangers of Blue-Green Algae For Dogs as Some Canals Turn Green


What is blue green algae and how does it differ from green algae? “While blue-green algae sounds the same as green algae the two are vastly different. First and foremost blue-green algae is a form of bacteria that is sometimes referred to as ‘cyanobacteria’, and most of the time cannot be seen by the naked eye. “However, blue-green algae can sometimes be identified if it…

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Pet owners 6x less likely to find a rental property than smokers


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Mental health matters – owning pets ‘a lifeline’ for many during the cost of living crisis


Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week (15-21 May), a leading vet charity is advocating keeping pets and their owners together through the cost of living crisis. Nearly all pet owners (94%) say that owning a pet makes them happy, according to new figures from the upcoming 2023 PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report – and their support has been vital, especially as many people have been forced to…

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Vet shares ESSENTIAL advice for keeping your dogs safe from hay fever


Hay fever sufferers know that pollen levels tend to be higher in the Summer months, but dog owners may not be aware that dogs can suffer from hay fever too, just like humans.  If you’re unsure how to keep your dog safe from allergies including hay fever, here are 9 tips recommended by Veterinary Surgeon Dr Linda: “Dog pollen allergies come about in the same way…

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