Dog Friendly Guide to Helsinki

While travelling the world with our dogs, there is nothing more daunting than not knowing where to go/not go with our canine friend. I have sometimes landed in a strange city and not had any clue what I was doing with myself…let alone my dogs.

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Keeping Dog Fur Under Control in a Small Space

(This is a paid promotion for Pet Teezer, however all words and opinions are my own) The joys of City living with our dogs includes lots of hugs, kisses, and countless laughter. What no one seems to prepare us for is the amount of fur that comes from our canine housemates. Keeping City apartments tidy, and pet fur under control  is a…

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Environmentally Friendly Dog Food Companies UK

As the world makes a shift towards using less plastic and recycling, it is shocking to see so many pet companies doing the exact opposite!!! This behavior baffles me So, it’s really great to see some companies available in the UK paving the way in sustainability and becoming more environmentally friendly. Yora Yora is a relatively new company on the…

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Dogstival- a festival for dogs and dog lovers

Dogstival is a new boutique festival for dogs and dog lovers… hosted by nature-loving TV presenter Chris Packham, CBE… set in the heart of doggy paradise the New Forest… and complete with its very own BEACH!

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#sweartochange AutoTrader UK Campaign

This is a paid promotion for Auto Trader UK, however all words and opinions are my own Having a dog in the city is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s sometimes hard to believe that our dogs aren’t the centre of everyone else’s universe 😉 We love them, cherish them and are there for them no matter what. City life…

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