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Reducing Allergies for Pet Owners

How to Entertain a Bored City Dogs

The Covid Chronicles and our Dogs- Ruby (NYC, USA)

Ruby the dog

Covid 19 is now on all continents (but Antarctica), and life will not go back to “normal” for many of us for a very long time. With that said, it seems the only winners in this pandemic are the worlds dogs who now have their humans with them 24/7 and finally get all the belly rubs they deserve. As all cities in the world are…

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Hiro+Wolf Lockdown Easter Fun

 Last year Hiro+Wolf’s Easter Treasure Hunt for Dogs was such a roaring success that they wanted to do it again and offer all our furry friends and their families an alternative that we can all do this Easter while social distancing during the Covid-19 lockdown. They have also teaming up with Edgard & Cooper for an extra-special socially distanced Easter Treat for Dogs and Cats. We hope…

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April Book Club 2020: Barrie: How a rescue dog and her owner saved each other

book cover, barrie book, sean laidlow, summer reading, rescue dog from syria

  The remarkable true story that became a viral news sensation. Former Royal Engineer Sean Laidlaw was working as a bomb disposal expert in Syria when he heard whimpering from the rubble of a school that had exploded and collapsed. Upon further inspection he found that the source of the noise was a tiny, abandoned puppy, surrounded by her four dead siblings. A terrified Barrie…

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WIN Tickets to Crufts and a Radley Bag

London born brand Radley is the ultimate accessory for any fashion conscious dog lover. Crafting handbags and accessories since 1998, Radley combines a love of fashion with style and functionality. Each season the new Radley styles are inspired by the shapes and colours of London, with inspiration drawn from everything around them. The bag and accessory collections are so vast and varied that there is…

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5 Reasons to Listen to the City Dogs Podcast

Season 2 has landed, and you’re in for a treat. The City Dogs Podcast is back with all the guests and insider information you need for you and your city dog to stay ahead of the curve. You’ll learn something new Some of the previous guests have included Rory The Vet who spoke about the pros and cons of having dogs in the city, Pop…

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How To Spend Valentines Day with your Dog

Whether you are single or in a relationship, there is no reason to be alone on Valentine’s Day. This year, I think I am going to plan a special day out with the pooches in London and have a day of spoiling and pampering….just the 6 of us. Here are our top things to do with your pup this Valentine’s Day A Valentines Boating Adventure…

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Valentines Gifts from VB Jewellery

This is a paid post by VB Jewellery Design, but all opinions are our own The paw print collection from VB Contemporary Jewellery Design is designed with pet lovers in mind. It brings together a love for traditional craftsmanship and the finest materials together with contemporary design. We absolutely adore the paw print collection for a Valentines gift for the special person in your life.…

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