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Mikki Pet Grooming Products Review


Home comforts brand’s stress-relieving weighted blanket for dogs: A resounding sell-out success!


Many dogs suffer from stress and anxiety, particularly separation anxiety, which can be triggered by a variety of factors such as loud noises, extended periods of being left alone, vet visits, other pets, and even weather changes. These anxieties can manifest in destructive behaviour, sleep disturbances, and a loss of appetite.  Despite the popularity of the hashtag #doganxiety, which has amassed over 66.3M views on TikTok, there is…

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Calls for doggie public toilets to open across the UK


Pet owners are being asked to back a campaign calling on local authorities across Britain to create public toilets for dogs in parks and other popular locations. Pet experts at are calling for doggie public toilets to be set up across the country to reduce the number of dog fouling cases. The move comes after a unique doggie public toilet was unveiled in Dublin…

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Five dog breeds loved by the royal family and everything you should know about them


The royal family’s love of dogs is no secret, with many of them having a loyal four-legged friend by their side while performing their duty – and King Charles is no exception. Vet Nurse, Shauna Walsh, at PDSA, the vet charity for pets in need, has compiled everything you need to know about some of the royal family’s favourite breeds – from exercise and grooming, to…

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Vet explains how to keep plaque on your dog’s teeth at bay


How to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy: 1. Brush your dog’s teeth Just like humans, our dogs benefit from regular dental checks at home and frequent brushing. Make checking your dog’s mouth at least once a week part of their routine – this can help you catch any problems before they become serious. Brushing your dog’s teeth with dog-friendly toothpaste at least three…

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Five ways to reduce pet costs


Pet owners are being given five tips on how to reduce the costs of looking after their furry friends. The penny pinching pros at are sharing their tips on how to reduce pet costs and save money as the cost of living continues to rise. Pets are a huge part of our lives but the cost of care can rack up quickly from their food and…

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Paw-fectly social pups: 10 top tips to successfully socialise your puppy


Dogs are pack animals and enjoy the company of other dogs, socialising is fantastic for their happiness, health and wellbeing. Just like young children, puppies need to learn how to behave around others and play nicely, and it’s up to you to show them the way. Natural dog food brand Harringtons suggests top tips on how to socialise your puppy with other pooches.  1. Puppy training classes…

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Your dog at your wedding. Behaviourist do’s and don’ts for a perfect day


By following these do’s and don’ts, you can ensure your dog is a happy and well-behaved guest at your wedding. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can make your special day a family-friendly affair that includes your furry best friend:  Do’s  1. Make sure your dog is up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations and is in good health before bringing them to the wedding. “It’s…

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