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Mikki Pet Grooming Products Review


Woof and Well Award 2022


Dogs don’t judge, get bored of our jokes or tire of walks along the same route. For owners ofthe 12.5 million dogs across the UK, their canine companion has made the world of difference totheir life and the lives of their family. Their woof keeps us well, and now following on from thehuge success of its first year, Vet’s Kitchen is re-launching the unique award…

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Clicker Training: What Is Clicker Training for Dogs?

what is clicker training poster with small dog

Clicker Training is a great way to let your dog know that they have done the right thing in that moment. A clicker is perfect to help with new tricks and new behaviors. Let’s do a deep dive into “clickers” and what “clicker training” is about. What Is A Clicker? A clicker is a tiny little box shaped tool that makes a “click” sound every…

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Top Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe From Ticks This Summer


As summer approaches experts are predicting a higher-than-average risk of diseases carried by ticks. Typically found in all the places our pets love to venture to, like tall grass and bushes, it’s important to bear in mind these easy top tips to keep your dog safe from being their next host. Small but mighty, ticks can often be hard for owners to identify, however removing…

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Vet Shares 9 Top Tips to Keep our Dog(s) Safe this Summer

dog running on a sandy beach

As the Met Office releases its weather predictions for June, the UK is set to experience “a lot of dry weather” and warm temperatures, especially in the south of England from June 6 onwards. This isn’t great news for our dogs. As the weather warms up and we get our first glimpses of summer, we won’t be the only ones running to find the sunniest…

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Sorry I vanished, I was busy fighting cancer.

a toy pomeranian with a view over london

As many of you might have seen on my latest instagram/fb posts, I was recently diagnosed with bowel cancer after 2.5 years of being ill and ignored by medical professionals. Once the initial diagnosis happened, everything moved very quickly. After my colonoscopy, I met my surgical team and then had a 101 different tests, before being booked into surgery approx 3 weeks after. It was…

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It can often be easy to forget about all the health and social benefits dog owners reap from walking their furry companions regularly. A regular walk is not only vitally important for your pet’s health but is also a great opportunity for the owner to clear their head and get in some steps too! To make your daily dog walk part of you and your…

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How Often Should You Clean Your Dog’s Belongings?


From toys and bedding to feeding bowls and walking gear, your dog has a lot of things that can harbour dirt and bacteria that you don’t want in your home.  And while it may be somewhat easy to pop your pup in the tub or take them to the groomer, figuring out how to clean their belongings is a bit more complicated.  That’s why the…

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