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Mayhew awarded grant from Pets at Home Foundation for TheraPaws project


Mayhew has been awarded a generous grant of £145,480 by the Pets at Home Foundation for the charity’s Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) programme, TheraPaws, which will enable the charity to develop and expand their work in this area and make a positive impact on more people in London who would benefit from the service. Thanks to the grant a new full time Coordinator will be recruited to…

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Tinder for dogs just launched, and it’s as cute as you’d expect


Eager to make sure our furry friends don’t miss out on the Valentine’s Day love, Pooch & Mutt is helping to match lonely pooches across the nation with doggy dating site Plenty of Sniffs!  As with human dating apps, owners can set their dogs up with a dating bio, which is then entered into a gallery of pooches looking for love (and likes!). Owners can vote…

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Dog Expert Reveals Top 5 Toxic Flowers As Valentine’s Day Approaches

french bulldog on a bed surrounded by rose petals for valentines day

As we enter the most romantic season of the year, many couples may want to give one another flowers. Whilst this is a kind and romantic gesture, we may not consider the health implications this could have on our dogs.  Dog experts at Kennel Store have provided an expert comment, advising dog owners on the most dangerous flowers for dogs and the health implications, if exposed to…

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Belt up pups or face up to £5,000 and 9 penalty points

dog in car front seat

Motorists are being warned to take precautions when travelling with their dog in order to avoid accidents and large penalties. Experts from have urged pet owners to make sure their pets are suitably restrained while driving. Motorists failing to do so can face fines of up to £5,000 and nine penalty points on their licence. New pet owners surge around Christmas time, meaning there could be…

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Animal welfare veteran celebrates 50 years with the Scottish SPCA


Animal welfare veteran celebrates 50 years with the Scottish SPCA A veteran of Scotland’s animal welfare sector is marking 50 years of service with the Scottish SPCA this year. Sharon Comrie, who currently works in the fundraising team for Scotland’s animal welfare charity, first joined the organisation as a 13-year-old volunteer back in 1973. Throughout an illustrious career, Sharon has worked in a number of…

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Warning To Dog Owners As Palm Oil Washes Up on UK Beaches With Potentially FATAL Consequences – Dog Expert Weighs In


Dog owners across the country are being warned after reports of large quantities of palm oil have been washing up on UK beaches, with Cumbria and Felixstowe being named as just two locations affected. Whilst ingestion is not fatal for humans, it can be toxic and sometimes fatal to dogs. Google Trends shows a 5,000% increase in searches for ‘is palm oil toxic for dogs’ so this information is actively being researched and…

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Brush Your Dogs Teeth

close up of a dogs mouth showing their teeth

Plaque and tartar don’t just cause smelly breath, but can lead to inflammed gums and infection. The idea of brushing a dogs teeth is relatively new. However, with the change of food styles and longevity of our pets these days, keeping Fido’s teeth healthy has never been more important. Don’t rush the steps. Having a dog who enjoys tooth brushing makes life much easier than…

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City Dog Expert

City Dog ExpertCity Dog Expert is Europe’s number one resource for urban dogs.

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