5 perfect breeds for small spaces (and lazy owners)


We love all dogs. However, some are a lot more suited for apartment living then others. Apartment dogs need to be a little lazy, quiet and require minimal maintenance.
Here is our top 5 dogs for apartment spaces



Is there really anything to complain about with Pugs? They’re up and ready to go whenever you need them to be; but more often than not, you can hear them snoring away across the room!


Basset Hound


Basset Hounds are great at being couch potatoes. They’re also great at being unbelievably adorable. In fact, one long daily walk is fairly sufficient for a Basset. They do love to howl though so make sure your bassett is kept busy and not bored

English Bulldog


English Bulldogs are a wonderful breed that are known for their lack of enthusiasm for outings. Bulldogs do need exercise and stimulation, but they also love the sport of sleeping – anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Bichon Frise


Bichons are one of the most popular breeds, partly because they are such incredible apartment dwellers! Not only are they just too cute, they require minimal exercise and really just love being your lap dog.



Despite their large size, nearly all of the mastiff breeds require relatively little exercise. Of course all dogs need to get out, but Mastiffs are particularly lazy for large dogs. Bullmastiffs are excellent apartment roommates

What are your favorite apartment dogs?

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