Am I killing my dogs by giving them ice water?


According to Facebook and various other outlets, I am playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette every time I give my dogs ice water.

I have no idea how these stories start or even where they come from but unfortunately they spread like wild fire, scaring everyone that comes in their path.


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Lets dissect this further by understand what bloat is and what causes it

Bloat is a potentially life threatening medical condition that can occur when a dog eats or drinks too much or too fast. When they are eating or drinking fast, there is the possibility of them swallowing a lot of air. It is this air that can cause the stomach to fill with gas and potentially flip causing a GDV (Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus). Any dog can get bloat, but barrel chested breeds seem to be more pre-disposed to it.

Now according to the popular rumors online, it is the drinking of the ice cold water that causes the bloat which simply is not true. Yes, drinking water too fast can cause bloat but it has nothing to do with the addition of ice. In fact ice, can slow a dog down that is prone to gulping their food or water down (in a similar way to a slow bowl).

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So will I continue to give me dogs ice water? Absolutely





Disclosure. Obviously I am not a vet but this really does not take a degree to work out. If you are still confused, talk to your vet. I am not taking responsibility for you shoving ice down your dogs throat or similar so please be sensible and don’t force your dog to bloat just to prove a point

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3 responses to “Am I killing my dogs by giving them ice water?”

  1. steffan says:

    Agree if anything ice cubes will generally s!ow down, especially if they play and take out of the bowl individually. However an elevated bowl as in picture , the higher off the ground the worse off it is for prone bloat dogs. also playing or hard or strenuous activity soon after eating is also not good. If your dog is a gobbler may want to divide feelings and get a slow down feed bowl with molded shapes obstacles in it. Thanks for bringing awareness.

    • City Dog Expert says:

      Could not agree more. Thanks for the feedback Steffan.
      We elevate the bowls an inch when in Florida as the metal gets too hot if left on the ground (even in the shade) and burnt puppy tongues are never fun.
      But if your pup is prone to bloat, get rid of that elevated bowl instantly anyway people!!

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