An open letter to Animal Care and Control

As the owner of 2 dogs from Animal Care and Control, I feel that the organization is often portrayed in a bad light. I want to rectify that by highlighting the incredible and thankless job that so many do within the organization to enable people (like me) to be able to adopt our precious pups.
An Open Letter to Animal Care and Control
I know you probably get 100’s of thank you messages daily, but I just wanted to add to the list.
I am not thanking you only for my dogs, but for the thankless job you do every single day.
To the workers, thank you for the 100’s of hours you put in above and beyond your salary to make sure that people (like myself) can spend hours past closing time meeting and playing with their potential new dog. Thank you.
To the volunteers who walk and feed the dogs day in day out, rain or snow storm to make sure that these poor abandoned dogs get some fresh air, human interaction and feel some love each day. Thank you.
To the Facebook, twitter and instagram teams that tirelessly post and repost urgent and elderly dogs in the hope of getting them adopted. Your tireless work and effort increases the adoption rate by a huge amount by getting dogs pictures and profiles in the right peoples hands. I have witnessed people pledging hundreds of dollars to help save animals in need which in turn increases adoption rates.
To the photographers, if it wasn’t for your incredible pictures, more than half of the available dogs would not have been adopted. We sadly still judge a book by its cover ,and you give the descriptions of each dog a face for us to love and share. Your focus on often overlooked “black dogs” has reduced their kill rate and increased their chances of being adopted. Thank you.
Thank you for the establishment of the New Hope Project and allowing me to personally help and save over 250 animals over the last few years.
Thank you for Houdini (the street dog that nobody wanted). He was my introduction to the NYC dog world and has been my constant companion for 5 years. Though we started with many issues (aggression, severe separation anxiety, etc) we have worked through every hurdle and have both come out stronger for it. At times I wanted to give up (most notably when I was nearly evicted for Houdini’s barking), but knew that this was the dog for me, and he made me a better dog trainer and owner. Thank you for this little blessing.
Thank you for Folly. Folly was handed in to you as a puppy with 2 broken front legs. Your network of foster parents nursed this little munchkin back to health and allowed me the opportunity to adopt her and help make my canine family complete.
Thank you ACC for being the change we are beginning to see in NYC. Where people choose to adopt instead of buy. Where instead of throwing things away, they are donating to good causes. Where people want to make the difference not just once a year but every day!
But more than anything, thank you for being there, for doing the job noone else wants to do. Thank you for rescuing my two little angels and many more like them, and thank you for not allowing animals to suffer because of human stupidity!
Thank you for everything


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16 responses to “An open letter to Animal Care and Control”

  1. Kristen–well minded says:

    What a nice letter…great to point out people who do thankless jobs.

    • City Dog Expert says:

      Thanks so much.
      We often forget the people that work so hard for our pets with little/ no reward

  2. Robin says:

    This is so sweet! Animal Control does have a bad reputation and doesn’t often get the thanks they deserve for the good things that they do. Unfortunately, a few bad people can make an entire group look bad. It is great that they help so many homeless animals and do what they can to help them find homes. I hope they see this letter 🙂

    • City Dog Expert says:

      They often get stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is just time that all the great things that they do are highlighted

  3. Beth | Daily Dog Tag says:

    I’m always amazed by the things people can and will do to help others. Thanks for reminding us about all the great people!

    • City Dog Expert says:

      Thanks so much. it really is the least we could do. I am so grateful for my pups

  4. Melody says:

    It’s a tough job and it deserves more respect!

  5. Jana Rade says:

    Aww, I don’t think they get too many of those. People are not used to thanking for anything these days.

  6. Jen Gabbard says:

    They really do have a bad reputation and it’s quite a shame given all the hard work I’ve seen them do. They do work long hours plus overtime, and I wouldn’t imagine any part of their job is easy for a second. They really do help a lot of homeless animals and they deserve some praise for sure.

  7. Fur Everywhere says:

    Such a sweet letter. Working in rescue is a thankless job, and I’m glad you’ve taken the time to recognize these individuals.

  8. MyDogLikes says:

    So important. It is so sad that these jobs are often unappreciated or worse villainized because of their work. What a hard but necessary job.

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