9 odor free natural dog chews that your dog will love


Sharing your apartment with a city dog can mean your dog needs to destress from busy urban life with a relaxing chew. But sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the stench of your dog’s favorite delicious pizzle, tripe stick, or beef lung. Sure, your dog loves them but phew, the smell!

Don’t despair, I’ve rounded up 9 of the best odor free natural dog chews that your dog will love. And you’ll be pretty pleased with fragrance-free silence too!

9 odor free natural dog chews 

Odor free bully sticks

Bully sticks are a low calorie natural dog chew which most dogs adore… but boy can they be a bit stinky! For all the doggy pleasure of a regular bully stick without the stink factor choose an odor free bully stick like these. 

Yak Chews

Yak chews are becoming increasingly popular natural chews for dogs. They are made from yak/cows milk and are a long-lasting chew that doesn’t smell at all… hurrah!

When your dog’s yak chew gets small you can also pop it in the microwave and it’ll puff up for a tasty treat. These little bad boys make sure nothing goes to waste. 

Chicken feet

My pups absolutely love chicken feet, they’re a brilliant natural dog chew for small dogs. They don’t last an age but they are crunchy nuggets of delish, or so I’m told!

Of course, larger breeds can enjoy them too, but they’ll be demolished pretty quickly. 


Pet Munchies Chicken with Carrot Sticks

These raw-hide free dental sticks are a great low odor chew. Fulfill your dog’s desire to chew with no nasties – that’s no nasty smells, chemicals, or additives. 


Way to go Pet Munchies! Chemical free, all-natural, and no mess – that’s a natural dog chew win in my book! 

Olive Wood Chew

These olivewood chews are completely natural, mess free and odor free. They are a particularly great dog chew for any pups or dogs who have a love for sticks… or worse, your beautiful wooden furniture!


They don’t splinter and are lightly infused with virgin olive oil, to give a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for your city dog. 

Braided lamb’s tail

Braided lamb’s tails are a tough, long-lasting, and totally stench free natural dog chew. The holy grail…. Hurrah! 


These beauties from JR Pet Products are a great way to get your city dog’s tail wagging without the mess and smell of a big old bone! 

Cow tail

These long-lasting chews are packed with cartilage which is great for strong jaws. 


These aren’t entirely odor free but they are a far cry from a great heaving pizzle stink overtaking your lounge! And they go down a storm with my pups. 

Smart Sticks Peanut Butter Chews

Ok, these ones do smell a little. But of peanut butter which is a lot more palatable than the whiff of a carcass, I think you’d agree?


These are not a long-lasting chew but they are a delicious dog treat that my city dogs give the big paws of approval. 


Rabbit Ears

Rabbit ears are a brilliant long-lasting dog chew that are low in fat and high in protein. They are gently dried and odor free resulting in a delicious teeth cleaning snack your city pup can enjoy. 

If you’re feeling extra bold then opt for rabbit ears with fur. They do have a bit of a pong but the benefits of extra fibre and have even been said to act as a natural dewormer!

There you have it, nine low odor dog chews that your city dog will thank you for. 

If all else fails then check out Sniff Candles to get rid of the whiff, they are just magic! Plus they donate a percentage of their sales to animal rescue charities in various cities. How’s that for a double win! 

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