10 Rainy Day Dog Activities For You and Your City Dog


Living It Up With Your Dog Come Rain or Shine

It’s raining. Again. And your dog doesn’t like getting their paws wet unless it’s in the glorious mud left behind AFTER the downpour. Or perhaps he takes a sweet hop and a skip over those too. 

Maybe it’s you that cannot face yet another dog walk in the rain. We’ve got ten great rainy day dog activities for you and your City dog – and you’ll stay dry for almost every one of them!

Breakfast Buffet

Start your rainy day off on the right paw with an enrichment extravaganza. Ditch the bowl for your dog’s rainy day brekkie and get creative.

You can use slow feeders, stuffed kongs and even bits and pieces from your recycling hoard. Small treats or kibble rolled up in scraps of paper or cardboard will keep your city pup busy for a while. Just be ready to clean up all those shreds of paper when they’re done.

Check out this blog for our favourite boredom busters toys, and join our Enrichment Challenge group here

Visit a Pet Store

Who doesn’t like a shopping trip when it’s pouring down? A trip to the pet store with your city dog in tow is a great sniffy outing. Your dog can enjoy all the smells the pet store has to offer and you can pick up some toys or long lasting chews to help pass the afternoon… at home, in the dry! 

Go to a Dog Friendly Cafe, Pub, or Restaurant

After a busy morning, it’s time for lunch. Fill your belly with your dog by your side with a little trip to a local dog friendly eatery. 

If you want your City dog to settle nicely at your feet while you chow down, then don’t forget that long lasting chew you picked up at the pet store. 

Teach A New Trick

Rainy days are the pawfect occasion to do a little training. You could teach your dog a new trick or perfect one that’s getting a little rusty.

This book by Claire Arrowsmith is full of great games and tricks to teach your dog.

Grooming Time

Whatever breed your City dog is, grooming is a great way to pass some time while bonding with your dog. 

If your feeling brave then give your dog a shower – yes, I recognise the irony of getting your dog showered off while dodging the rain outside. Otherwise a nice brush is a lovely way to keep your dog feeling fab, while keeping that fur in your apartment under control! 

Give Your Dog A Massage

Who doesn’t like a massage? There are some simple canine massage tutorials on Youtube that you can try with your dog while you’re huddled up together dry and warm. 

Massage is great for circulation, de-stressing and as a quick health check to make sure everything’s as it should be. 

Bake Some Dog Treats

How about a spot of baking to pass the time? There are tons of easy homemade dog treat recipes that you can whizz up in your city apartment.

Give these awesome pupcakes a try  or how about these no bake peanut butter dog treats.  Stick with xylitol free peanut butter and your dog will love ‘em.  

Movie And A Snuggle

Is there anywhere else in the world you’d rather be than snuggled up in front of a movie with your pup? A rainy day is the pawfect excuse to do this utterly guilt free. 

Grab the most snugalicious blanket, some popcorn and your companion, and enjoy!

Invite A Playmate Over

Human or human plus doggy playmate. Whichever you choose, you have some company to keep you both entertained on a wet day. Think double the ear rubs, double the joy!

And hey, they’re probably just as keen to find something to lighten a dreary day. 

Rain Mac On and Soldier On

If all else fails, get your rain gear on and brave the elements. 

Brighten up a rainy day with a bright and stylish rain mac and soldier on. We love our reversible rain macs from BowHausNYC, this trenchcoat is great for even the most awkward sized City dog.








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