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Please give a warm City Dog welcome to Amelia and her lovely owner Eva. They are only the second UK dog to have a boudoir interview!!!!!!! We are so lucky that they took time out of their day to answer our questions so we could get a littler behind the scenes look at what Amelia’s life is like.

Please Introduce Yourself

Amelia is my 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! Recognised around London as “that dog from Instagram”. She loves to cuddle, is very affectionate and loves milk foam! A little bit of a cafe life girl, she loves to people watch and take it easy!

Where do you live?

Amelia grew up in Kensington & Chelsea in London. We’ve just 6 months ago moved to Richmond. However neither one of us is happy being here in the outskirts of London with that sought after fresh air. It was a novel idea to have space but it just isn’t for us.We are currently flat hunting for another little flat in Chelsea.

What makes Amelia different to most dogs in the city?

Amelia genuinely loves city life. When London buses stop she thinks it may be ours and tries to hop on herself. She loves to people watch and will jump onto outside chairs at cafes as we walk past. Even in Hyde Park after 10 minutes or so of playing she will walk off & find a bench for us to sit on. Her idea of a perfect time is strolling into a store on Sloane Street to say hello to all the people inside & finding a little chair to sit on.

What inspired you to write a blog about life with Amelia?

After Amelia’s sister Amira lost her battle with SM it was just us two, me & Amelia. My Fiance was stuck in another country without a visa to join us here. My friends had all got jobs abroad. Life began to look very different very quickly. I couldn’t bare to leave the house without Amelia. We decided to get a new flat, a new start. We Ebay’ed off all our old things & went on a shopping spree, moving into our new flat fresh. I remember the first night in our new bed, I was on one side resting my head on the pillow & Amelia jumped on the bed & rested her head on the pillow next to me. We just looked at each other. A year later I decided to start writing about where Amelia & I go to inspire more people to spend all day with their dogs – it can be done! Especially here in London.

What camera/editing software do you use to take pictures of Amelia?

I only got my first camera this past January as a birthday present from my Dad! It’s a Canon750D. Last month was the first month I used photoshop. First the free one from Apple Store PhotoScape X & then just this past week Adobe Photoshop. With Each photo I take & edit I seem to learn more.

What is a typical day for Amelia?

Our days are all rather the same unless we have something special planned. I’m a big espresso lover & make myself a coffee every morning with my Jura. Amelia sits at the chair by the kitchen table waiting for the extra milk foam! I then hand feeding Amelia her breakfast. We go out to Chelsea to walk around, have more coffee and something to eat! After a walk in Hyde Park it’s time to either go home or out to dinner! We spend the evenings cuddling.

What is the best thing about having a dog in the city?

The best thing… Well! You are bound to have a wonderful day. Londoners love dogs, my day gets brightened by people talking to us & coming to say hello to Amelia!

What is the most difficult thing about having a dog in the city?

The worst… What affects me the most is people being rude about Amelia. It was only last week I was in Pret with Amelia (they are dog friendly) and a big rather pathetic man came up to me and started to shout at me for being here with my dog and how it’s disgusting. I very calmly told him that what he is doing right now is harassment. I am a girl sitting alone and he is intimidating me. It’s easy to pick on a girl sitting alone at a cafe, it wouldn’t have happened had I been with a man next to me.

What is Amelia’s fav things to do in the city?

Amelia’s favourite city girl activity is people watching on an outside table at a cafe!

Would you sacrifice Amelia’s city life for a country estate?

Definitely not! We moved from the tiniest little apartment into a house in Richmond, not quite a country estate but we really aren’t happy here. We love city life, neither one of us is excited for a country walk. Amelia is very excited when we approach Hyde Park but I have to drag her into Richmond Park, she just doesn’t like it.

How do you keep the balance of having a small space but allowing Amelia to be a dog?

Well we have always lived in little flats, now that we have a house with a garden Amelia still likes to stay in our bedroom. She refuses to pee in the garden & just sits on the chairs at the beginning of the garden much like she did on our balcony. I treat Amelia as my child and I have to say she very much behaves like one. Amelia is often called regal, I think it’s becoming the most common comment on our Instagram. She is a dog when she is out swimming! She loves to swim.

Is Amelia pampered, spoiled or perfect?

Amelia may be all of the above, but in my eyes she is definitely perfect.

How has Amelia changed your life?

Amelia has brought out the real me. She has made me such an incredibly happy person. I struggled with very severe panic attacks for a long time after her sister Amira got sick. I can safely say Amelia saved my life on more than one occasion.

Where can people find Amelia online?

Amelia is on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook with the username @Ameliathecav . We love messages so do say hello!

Our website is found at where we post a new blog piece on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.

What does the future hold for Amelia?

The future… we are just enjoying what we are doing! Hopefully we can keep it up & grow. I would love to travel with Amelia for a beach holiday! She loves sunbathing & swimming.


Eva & Amelia x


Thank you so much Amelia and Eva for the interview. 

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  1. The Guru Geeks says:

    Such a fabulous read, we ? this interview!
    You guys are just the best xox

    • City Dog Expert says:

      we loved being able to interview Amelia. She is a very special pup

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