The Cavdashians are London’s ultimate glam trio. These beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels live up to their namesakes with invites to glamorous parties in London, lots of travel, and a wardrobe to envy any dog about town.

Where do you live?

We live in Streatham Hill, South West London. We live with our pawrents, Ellie and Dean.

What makes the Cavdashians different from most dogs in the city? 

We’re a trio of sisters – two of us are litter mates (Tilly and Marnie), reunited after 2 years from birth when our parents re-homed Marnie. They then adopted sister Maddie, who we rescued from the rescue charity Many Tears in 2018. Besides from being some of the friendliest, happiest and outgoing pooches in the city, we have a social diary jam-packed full of fun events and pawties in and around town where we enjoy hanging out and mingling with our fellow London furiends. 

What is the most difficult thing about having a dog in the city? 

Public Transport – when it was just me, Tilly, it was super easy to get about town on the tube, trains and buses but it is harder now there are three of us, so we usually end up taking dog-friendly cabs or we use our own car (the hooman’s!)
Street food and litter – we do have a habit of trying to find scraps of food (chicken bones) on the streets but apparently, this is not good for us, nor is broken glass which unfortunately is quite common on the pavements so we have to watch our paws where we’re walking.

What are The Cavdashians fav things to do in the city? 

Strutting around the city parks, chasing squirrels and then visiting all the wonderful choice of dog-friendly venues from pubs, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, the list is endless! We are very social pooches and love to mingle. We love new experiences – anything that tickles our nose that is dog-friendly, we are there!   Earlier this year we were part of the London Dog Week Dog Squad which helped open our eyes up to how dog-friendly London is and is also how we got to meet a lovely pack of Insta-famous pooches and their pawrents. A few experiences we have enjoyed in the city include cinema showings (PictureHouse cinemas), afternoon tea (Egerton House and Rosewood Hotel), bowling at All Star Lanes and a special stay at the Milestone Hotel, and an open top bus tour of London with our Cavalier pals which was supawb! We also recently took part in a charity fashion show for Love My Human which we really enjoyed as we love furshion, especially when it’s helping raise money for great charities. 

Would you sacrifice The Cavdashian’s city life for a country estate?

We often think about a move to the country and the humans almost did take us out of the city this year but it fell through at the last minute. It’s something we would consider again. We do love the countryside and getting out in the fresh air and we would love some more space to run around in, but we’d not want to go too far, as we would still want to get our London fix from time to time. Instead, we ensure we get away for mini-breaks every so often so we get to experience new smells and scenery. 

How do you keep the balance of having a small space but allowing dogs to be dogs? 

We are very fortunate that as our pack grew, we moved to a bigger home with a fairly good size garden (as city garden’s go).  There are many lovely commons nearby to take our walks on. We always go for a nice early morning walk no matter what the weather is doing!

How have the Cavs changed your life?

The pawrents say we’ve enriched their lives in so many ways – we certainly make them more active, as they have to take us for our daily walkies which they never did before. Our Hoomum always exceeds 10,000 steps a day which she sounds pleased about, so that’s thanks to us! They also love to take us on adventures to new places that they may have never visited before. We’ve helped them to make new friends in our area with other fellow doggies and their hoomans, some they see regularly and have even been on holiday with! We have an Instagram page that has grown immensely over the past year and as a result have so many furbulous new friends – many we have been lucky enough to meet in person/dog in London as well as when we were on our hols in Norfolk. We seem to make furiends everywhere go! We’ve attended many doggy events and meet-ups in 2019, the pawrents say their lives now revolve around us and that we have more furiends than they do, but they are happy with that as they love nothing more than hanging out with us! They say we have made them more selfless since we came into their lives as we have various needs they need to attend to and put us first always, while with Maddie coming into the fold last year, she has made us all a lot more humble and patient. 

What is a typical day for the girls?

In the week we have an early start as the pawrents get up for work before 7am usually. We hurtle down the stairs for our breakfast, then if we can, squeeze a light nap in before we go for our walk.We always stop at our local dog-friendly café (@EstateOfficeCoffee). We often bump into some of our local furiends on the walk, Tito and Princess. Then play fetch on the common before coming home for a paw wash and another morning nap.Luckily, our hoomum works from home so we get to hang out in her office on the beanbag and have a good nap. We all have a break and some playtime in the garden during lunch, munch on a healthy snack and then back to napping in the afternoon.Sometimes, one of us may go into the city with her if she has a work meeting, her clients are always keen to see. Dinner is later in the afternoon before our hooman comes home, then we get more playtime before tucking in for the night! We do LOVE to sleep as much as we like to socialise! If we aren’t out of town exploring the countryside, weekends tend usually involve a longer walk around one of the South-West London parks, or head across the river for an adventure in town. We usually have a social or an event to go to like our monthly @cavaliersoflondon meet-up, @twoterrierssocialclub or other furiends brunch/lunch/birthday party – there is always so much happening in London amongst the dog community 🙂 

Are The Cavdashians pampered, spoiled or perfect?

We’d say we are probably all of these – we are definitely pampered and spoiled, our pawrents just can’t help themselves! We’d love to think we are pawfect but we have our flaws! I am very bossy and loud (Tilly),  Marnie loves to use her voice too and can be a bit selfish, while Maddie although very bossy at home, can still get quite nervous when we are out and about but she is slowly coming out of her shell with our help!  What we all have in common is our friendly, fun and happy disposition, but most impawtantly we really love people! 

Where can people find you online?

We are on Instagram @Cavdashians and Facebook @Cavdashians

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