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Named after ‘Ari Gold’ from Entourage, similar to his screen name inspiration, Ari exudes charm and has a penchant for fashion. Ari currently lives in New York City, but used to live in London until a month ago. He loves hanging out with his humans. Whether its checking out new spots or going on a weekend adventure, he is always game for some fun. 

Where do you live?

New York, but we used to live in London until a month ago.

What makes Ari different to most dogs in the city?

Ari is bigger than most pugs, so we often get stopped and asked by strangers about him on our walks. He is also very handsome for a pug and people have often said that he is the most handsome pug they have ever seen. Ari has a big personality and also loves attention, so he tends to get noticed easily.

What is the most difficult thing about having a dog in the city?

Not having a backyard where you can leave your dog to do his business every morning 😉 Apart from that, we don’t face any other problems as such. We have always lived in dog friendly neighborhoods with green space around us, so that helps.

What is Ari’s fav things to do in the city?

Going to the park, loves going to street food markets (all the smells make him ecstatic!), marking by peeing on every single lamp pole on his walk, following his human everywhere and exploring new places with them.

Would you sacrifice Ari’s city life for a country estate?

Ari and his humans, we have all lived in big urban cities all our life. We thrive on the chaos and hustle bustle of city life. Although we love getaways to the countryside, I think Ari just like us would get a bit bored there eventually. He is an out and out city pup.

How do you keep the balance of having a small space but allowing the dog to be dogs?

We allow Ari everywhere – on the couch, furniture, bed. We also make sure that he is able to look out of the window and doesn’t feel trapped within four walls. In fact in London, we had placed our couch in such a way that Ari could climb on it and sit on the ledge of our bay window. He spent hours looking out. People on the street knew that if they looked up, they would find a little puggy sitting by the window. We also plan our room layout in a way that Ari has some open space to play, very helpful when it’s too cold to play outside.

How has Ari changed your life?

In more ways than I had ever imagined. He brought my husband and me even closer than we were. Raising Ari as a pup felt like we were raising a child together. I have always worked in fashion, but never enjoyed a full time job and office politics. Because of Ari, I got the idea to start my blog Honey, I Dressed the Pug. This also encouraged me to take a risk and quit my full time job to start my brand Ari & M a few months ago. Last four years since Ari entered my life have been the happiest, I have become a more patient and better person overall. I now understand what people mean when they say that ‘ my dog changed my life’.

What is a typical day for Ari?

Long walks in Central Park, socializing with other pups, trying on new clothes, napping and snoring, sitting by the window and barking at strangers/cats/dogs, getting lots of treats and posing for street style shots with mum.

Is Ari pampered, spoiled or perfect?

I think he is spoilt by me and pampered by my husband. He can be a bit strict when required. So this balances it out.

Where can people find Ari online?

On our blog – and our brand website –

Instagram @honeyidressedthepug

Facebook @honeyidressedthepug



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