Christmas Meal Dangers for Dogs

Christmas can be fun for humans, but can be a little stressful for our canine friends. There are so many temptations at this time of year, that having Fido salivate while you eat your Christmas Feast is totally normal.

When we see those big puppy eyes staring over at the Turkey, it is hard not to want to let Fido join in the festivities. However, many Christmas goodies can be toxic to our dogs, so please keep your dogs away from the festive foods.

Here is a list of some of the human foods that are potentially dangerous to our dogs

Christmas Pudding/ Christmas Cake

Christmas Pudding is one of my fav things about the Christmas meal. However the combination of raisins, currants, sultanas, and alcohol can make a deadly cocktail for an unsuspected dog.


Chocolate is a common gift at Christmas (and with good reason). If you are gifting chocolate, or open a chocolate present, make sure you hide it from your dog or put it on a high shelf. A trip to the emergency room isn’t fun on Christmas Day


Christmas isn’t Christmas without piles of nuts and Nutcracker Soldiers? However some nuts like Macadamia and Walnuts can be toxic to dogs so keep them away from Fido


While a little turkey meat won’t do your dog any harm, make sure you dispose of the bones carefully as they present a choking hazard to our pets


Enjoy Christmas and keep your dogs safe this festive season


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