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Anyone who has been a long term reader, knows how fussy we are about the food, treats, and products we get for our dogs. Having 6 dogs means I am having to cater for every dog’s wants and needs, and their individual preferences within that. It can become hard, and there is no one size fits all solution. They are all different beings, but  one thing they all have in common is that they love variety!!

When the team at Different Dog wanted to collaborate, we jumped at the chance. This food company has been on our radar for the longest time. My dogs have tried the food at various events, taste tested at festivals, and even wolfed down an entire bowl of it once (yes, it was Broadway- who else?). We have always admired the Different Dogs sustainable ethos, and top quality ingredients- that we honestly have no idea why we didn’t sign up to these subscription meals before!!

Different Dogs dog food is hand cooked in small batches with locally sourced British ingredients. They don’t use legumes, fillers or grains meaning that you are getting the most animal protein possible for your money with a huge emphasis on quality ingredients.

Different Dogs is a subscription food service that delivers hand cooked meals direct to your door. The meals keep for 5 days once they arrive, but are designed to be kept in the freezer until needed making them very convenient for City dogs as there is always a meal close to hand. Having the food delivered means I don’t need to remember to run to the pet shop and stock up on food.

What Makes Different Dogs Different?

Not only is every meal hand cooked, and prepared in small batches, they are also not made in large scale industrial processing factories.

There is a huge amount of variety in the recipes, with new recipes changing on a seasonal basis. This makes it perfect for fussy dogs, or those who prefer a little more variety in their meals. Mine loved all the formulas they had.

Every lightly cooked Different Dog meal is nutritionally balanced with the exact amount of vitamins and minerals for your dog.

Every recipe is vet and pet nutritionist checked so they are confident that your dog will thrive. 60 % high quality meat goes into every meal with no grains or legumes. We are talking high quality animal protein here – not fillers!

Omega 3 and 6 are also added for a healthy coat and skin. Let the fur shine.

Why Is Variety Important in Dog Food?

So it turns out that variety in both proteins and vegetables is essential to improve gut health in our dogs. Feeding our dogs the same meal every single day is not only boring for them, but also doesn’t add the important gut diversity needed to allow our dogs to thrive.

Variety in food enables your dog to develop a healthy microbiome that helps strengthen their immune system and also provides a healthy metabolism.

Poop Test

This might sound gross, but I am always checking my dogs poop to get a rough idea as to how their health is, and how they are doing with their food. Some commercially available dog foods have changed my dog’s poop for the worse- either too soft, too frequent or too hard to pass. One particular food had the dogs pooping huge quantities of undigested food- namely lentils which told me that they were not digesting the meals correctly- or it was an unnecessary filler. Different Dogs food is made with highly digestible ingredients and the dogs poops were normal, healthy and actually smelt less than on their previous food! Something I was very grateful for.

The range of food by Different Dogs is so varied that there is a recipe for every dog, at every life stage – even the most fussy dogs are catered for!

Different Dogs Is Better For The Environment

As someone who is trying really hard to reduce my plastic waste, it was really great to know that every 250/600g pot of dog food is home compostable. The larger containers, ice packs and sleeves are fully recyclable, and the insulation is compostable and biodegradable. The pet industry as a whole is a huge contributor to waste products, and to know that Different Dogs are trying so hard to reduce, reuse and recycle is very refreshing.

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