DIY a Dog Wreath Snuffle Mat


OK, I’m insanely proud of this DIY. I am not much of a crafter and fail at most ideas I try. However, I had this idea last Christmas and never got round to it. So thank you Covid for the extra time we have all had this year to get our crafts on. This probably took me much longer than it should have to make, but the dogs loved the effort.

What you need to make the wreath snuffle mat

wreath frame

green fabric

lots of time

start by cutting your green felt in long strips
cut the long strands of felt into 3 inch pieces
knot your green felt around the wreath frame
I did all the edge pieces first. I don’t think this is important though
knot it up
knot it some more
keep knotting the pieces of felt around the entire frame
ruffle it up with your hand
admire your handiwork
declare yourself a genius

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