Best Christmas Presents for Dogs to Keep Their Minds Busy


Christmas is one of those times where it’s both a blessing and a curse to be with our dogs. It’s the best time ever when they are cute and cuddly and want nothing more than to just be chill and calm and adorable. However, its an absolute nightmare when they have loads of energy and need attention but you need to wrap presents, prepare a meal or just want to watch a festive movie.

Thankfully, you can prepare ahead and gift your dog a super awesome Christmas present that not only will they love, but will keep them busy for a good amount of time.



Now any of you that follow me on social media know I am a crazy Kong lady. I have mentioned my love for kongs on the blog here, here and here. 

kong dog toys

No list of interactive dog toys would be complete without the magical Kong toy. For a Christmas themed filling, try some turkey, carrots and maybe a little sweet potato or apple.


Lickimats are a relatively new toy on the market, but a brilliant one none the less. The Australian based company initially developed a product to help improve our dogs oral health, and have continued to extend their range to include some of the best selling boredom buster toys on the market.

Lickimats are perfect to keep your dog busy over the holidays. Smear with a little cream cheese (not too much), some dog safe gravy, a little sweet potato, or some smushed meat to keep your dog nice and busy.


K9 Connectables

This Dublin based company have dogs of all shapes and sizes covered with one of the most inventive dog boredom buster toys I have seen for a long time. The simple (yet genius) design of K9 Connectable toys allows for multiple combinations and difficulty levels. Perfect for all breeds and ages.

We think they would be perfect filled with some mash, carrots, turkey and a little dog safe gravy to keep Fido busy while you have your dinner

No Fuss Fill

While not a toy in itself, the No Fuss Fill is a savior when it comes to keeping boredom buster toys organised and chaos free. We use the lickimat tray to store in the freezer so we have something available for the dogs at all times. It perfectly holds 3 full size lickimats in a nice organised manner. A little calm over the chaos of Christmas

They also have a kong organiser which is defo next on our shopping list to stop them falling over while we are filling and freezing them.

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