Dog Apartment Hacks: Make your Place Dog Friendly and Beautiful


The one issues with dogs is all the paraphernalia that comes with them. They need dog beds, bowls, crates, etc and traditionally these things did not mesh well with interior savvy owners in small spaces. 

Thankfully dog companies have moved with the times and you can decorate your apartment in a style that is not only suitable for Fido’s needs, but also aesthetically pleasing .

Here are some ideas for dog room decor essentials

Decorate with Dog Things


We use our leads as focal points in the entrance hallway. The dog bow ties are a feature in the corridor, and we put treats or poop bags in a mason jar and display proudly. You can’t hide the dog and their various things, so why not make it part of the decor?

Beds and Bedding

Thankfully the days of utilitarian style plastic or waterproof beds in stock colors has gone. Like with most other dog accessories, bedding has moved with the times. Companies have finally taken note and are making products we would be proud to display in our homes. Most city dwellers don’t have the option of having a dog room, so our dogs bedding choices are constantly on display and become a part of our decor choices.

Most dogs love a cozy and comfy place to sleep. Because I have so many dogs (what is too many?), I have a variety of dog baskets and bed options ranging from sofa styles, soft plush ones, and sofa toppers. Variety is key with my crew, but I need it to fit in with my decor.

I absolutely adore the beds from Pets and Pods, an ethical pet furniture company in the UK. Not only is the PET felt made from recycled bottles, all elements of the design are easy to clean and fully recyclable and repairable. 


Baskets and Bags

Use pretty baskets and bags to decorate and store your dog paraphernalia. Baskets are the perfect place to “hide away” anything that doesn’t look as pretty as the rest of our space. I’m looking at you pee pads

Food and Water Bowls

It’s been a long time since I used an ugly plastic bowl, and with good reason. Not only are they not always the safest choice for our pets (have a read of this if you want a scare), but they are also ugly and really don’t suit my decor style. I’m also not a fan of the aluminium looking bowls instead opting either ceramic, or glass. Both styles perfectly fit my decor and i’m happy to keep them on display.

Play pens/ Crates

Nothing says “ugly” more than a big dog cage positioned in the middle of your living space.

Sometimes crates, playpens and dog gates are a necessary part of life with a dog. Not just for the safety of a puppy while they are young, but sometimes due to injury or age.

Thankfully the times of ugly cages are over.

Did we miss anything from the list


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