Earth Friendly Products: Stain & Odor Remover Review


Happy Earth Day everyone

To celebrate this year, we thought we would review an earth friendly, all natural and biodegradable clean up and deodorizing spray “Stain & Odor Remover” (phew, what a mouthful!!).

Earth Friendly came to the rescue with their spray designed specially for animal “mishaps”. We have all been there (don’t pretend like you haven’t lol). For me the clean up from cat vomit (thank you Chaos), muddy paws from the pups, random gross things they bring in from outside and drop on the kitchen floor, can all get a little much so I usually go for the industrial strength, toxic cleaners to rid the odors and stains in a misguided belief that the products are better than natural.

I mean, what are those stains and why is their a pigs ear in the cat bed?

I mean, what are those stains and why is there a pigs ear in the cat bed?

I stand corrected. This 500ml spray bottle of “Stain &Odor Remover”  has not only cleaned better than any other product I have ever used, it has also lasted longer.

This power bottle is filled with Super Power Enzyme fighters that literally destroy anything in their path. I have tried it on fresh stains (thank you Harley Quinn), and dried in, hidden stains (thank you foster cats) and it has worked just as effortlessly on both. I just sprayed/saturated the stain with the spray, left for a couple minutes and cleaned off with a cloth. For the super stubborn cat pee stain (gross, yes I know), I just reapplied and repeated the process twice. (I probably should have read the instructions before I preach my methods, but they worked for me) EDIT I have now read the instructions and I was spot on with my cleaning (now I am pretty smug)

My new favorite thing to do around the house is just spray a light mist of “Stain & Odor Remover” into the air by the pet beds, and litter boxes before company arrives to make the place smell amazing and nice and fresh. The fragrance is lovely (so much better than most aerosol sprays) and leaves a fresh smell in the room without those tell tail signs of you trying to disguise a dog fart!

Love this product and can’t wait to try their other products

City Dog Expert


Harley Quinn and Houdini refused to review this product in the misguided belief that neither they nor their bedding, toys or toilet area smelly.

(clearly the spray is working if the dogs can’t pick up the scent!!)

P.S. I was going to fill this post with random stains from around my house but I don’t have any now and all the ones online were pretty gross. So please imagine a stain from you imagination here…


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