Review: Casual Canine® Ultimate Backpack Pet Carrier

I have not worn a backpack since I was in school so when testing  the Casual Canine Ultimate Backpack Pet Carrier this week, I had a fair few flash backs! I am sure that I reached into the pocket at least twice to find a pencil case!!

Ironically, the dogs are lighter than my school books were!


I love this idea (as do the pups).

Thankfully, both my dogs are not too heavy, but when carrying them around with a traditional tote in the City, it can be a little labor intensive (although a good work out)!

This was perfect for our fun filled trips this week. And I can’t tell you how super convenient is was having my hands free for the Subway swiping and taxi hailing necessary.

The door is a little tall for Harley Quinn but is perfect for Houdini and the side pocket stores a ridiculous amount of treats and a full water bottle.

My favorite feature (and what makes it different to most similar products) is that by unzipping the front section, you nearly double the amount of space that your dog has to spread out. Great idea if on a long journey or have a longer dog (like Harley Quinn)

The basic features are as follows

I ladore this product. I just wish that they had different color options

City Dog Expert


Houdini says “sat in here for 2 hours for no reason when mama first opened it”


Harley Quinn “black and red needed!!”

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