How To Perfectly Clean Your Pooch



TOG24 partners with Cheshire Dogs Home to provide hints and tips on how to perfectly clean your pooch

New research from TOG24 has revealed the top spots in the UK for popping the question. And it’s all about the countryside.

–        Dog owners need to avoid the mistake of constantly bathing their dog

–        Owners also need to make sure that dogs have been dried properly after a wash

–        It’s hard to avoid a messy bath time, as dogs will naturally shake themselves dry

Walking your dog can be a muddy affair with the UK’s propensity for wet Winter weather, wet Autumn weather, wet Spring weather and even sometimes wet summer weather. This means that for the 34% of UK households that are home to at least one dog, the muddy lanes, puddle strewn streets and boggy countryside walks that often greet us when out a stroll can mean wet, muddy dogs that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. 

Leading outdoor brand Tog 24 have always celebrated the UK’s love affair with our four-legged friends, releasing a range of dog coats that allow dog owners to match their pup up with the brand’s adult range. Their dog offering also includes dog toys and bowls so that dogs can enjoy the outdoors as much as their owners. 

However, through their work with dogs TOG24 have learned that not all owners are as clued up about animal care as they could be. That’s why they’ve chosen to partner up with Cheshire Dogs Home, a leading dog charity in the Northwest, to look at ways care for dogs could be improved. One of the big issues the charity highlighted was with washing and cleaning of dogs.

A key issue they noted was the inappropriate use of human shampoos and products on dogs. Owners can often be tempted to use these products if they’ve run out of dog shampoo. However, dogs skin has a different PH balance to human skin and using non-dog products can upset this balance and cause irritation to skin and eyes. 

Overbathing is another problem that the charity has identified. Owners often think they’re doing their best for their dog by bathing them frequently, but this can wash off natural oils which help them maintain a healthy coat. Cheshire Dogs Home recommend typically washing them once every three months, washing them more frequently only if the dog id very muddy. 

Mark Ward, TOG24’s managing director said “At TOG24 we love dogs and enjoying the countryside with them. We always want to make sure that they’re properly looked after and can enjoy a full and healthy life. That’s why we’ve been so excited to partner with Cheshire Dogs Home to help as much as we can in terms of raising awareness about these issues.”

Anna Stansfield from Cheshire Dogs Home added “Sometimes owners can think they’re doing the right thing for their pets but are actually doing something that’s not in their best interests. It’s important to always make sure you check the correct way to handle and care for a pet and if you’re in any doubt, check with an expert or vet.”

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