Every Dog Has It’s Day – Here’s How To Help Your Dog If they’ve Lost a Furry Friend


Two loving dog owners have made their dog a bucket list after he fell ill with pulmonary fibrosis. The list includes a whole manner of things like getting a cheeseburger, staying in a hotel and meeting farm animals.

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The death of a pet is a heartbreaking and tragic event for many families and humans grieve in their own way. But it does beg the question of how dogs cope if a family member is to, unfortunately, pass away?

Dog experts Kennel Store have commented on how to best help a grieving pet and how long their grief could last, along with what to expect whilst your pooch is going through such a loss.

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“A dog’s grief can last between two and six months, so try to take it a day at a time.

Give your dog extra love and affection if they come to you seeking comfort, but there’s no need to smother them.

See how your dog is behaving and if they are appearing to be more aloof and quiet, give them some space and keep an eye on them. An extra cuddle and a treat is always a nice way to treat a grieving pet.

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Try to keep up with their usual routine to provide some continuity and normality to your dog’s life, now that their day to day has been altered drastically.

Keep an eye on them and if they begin to dramatically decline, for example not eating and drinking; take them to the vet.

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Dogs can physically react to a family member passing and it can become very serious extremely quickly.”

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