January Book Club: Hoop n Loop: How to embroider your dog’s portrait


January is the season for learning new skills, and self improvement. This January, the UK is in lockdown and frankly, learning a new skill that centers around our dogs seems like the best idea ever.

Whether an experienced freehand embroiderer or new to the craft, this easy and fun dog embroidery guide shows you how to create personalised t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, cushions, and tote bags.


As we all know, pets are the best-loved members of the family; they are always there with a wagging tail, and, unless there’s a sofa-scratching or shoe-chewing incident, we rarely have cause to argue with them. Such is people’s love of their animals that accessories and clothing have become a booming business – think designer dog leads, personalised collars, rain coats and even dog food cookbooks – but with Hoop n Loop, there’s a difference: pets become the stars of their owners’ wardrobes and homes.

In 2017, after years spent as a professional pattern cutter in the fashion industry, animal lover Carol Tai decided to put her two passions together – illustration and dogs – to create personalised t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, cushions and tote bags featuring people’s pet portraits.

This book, with a brief introduction explaining how to get started, pull-out and downloadable templates and step-by-step projects showing you exactly how to recreate the 20 most popular breeds in thread form, is perfect for the dog lover and fashion addict alike, showing just how easy it is to create your own homage.

We absolutely adored the book. Let me know if you recognise anyone on the Pomeranian page 🙂

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