Love Dogs? THIS city has 211 dog friendly restaurants!

dog beside the beach

Hope we’re not barking up the wrong door, but P&O Ferries launched a paw-some research campaign that’s sure to get tails wagging!

Did you know 70% of Brits plan their holidays around their dogs’ needs? Your readers might be one of them! That’s why we launched our  Dogs Ahoy!  research, to help uncover the top dog friendly destinations in Europe.

Dog kiss her

Our top city features an impressive 211 dog friendly restaurants, perfect for celebrating Pet Month with your pooch!

Here’s a sneak-peek into which destinations get the seal of paw-pproval:

Lady hug the dog

Curious to see what makes these destinations dog friendly and which other cities we have sniffed out? You can find more details on the campaign page.

Find all high res visuals here: media pack

And our detailed press release: P&O press release

Short on time? We have prepped some copy samples to help you shape the story: newswire copy 

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