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Welcome to 2014.

Instead of making New Years Resolutions for ourselves this year, everyone at City Dog Expert has decided to make resolutions that will better our dogs lives. The first resolution being to try and embrace a more organic lifestyle for our pups. Pretty much every area of your dogs life can be made green from beds and blankets to food and treats.

We give you our top 5 ways of embracing an organic lifestyle for your pet

1) Healthy Lifestyle

We have started to incoperate multivitamins and fish oil supplements to our dogs daily diet




Dr Harvey's

Dr Harvey’s

By including these, we are helping boost our pets immune system and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. By choosing organic, we are making sure that the ingredients are natural and pesticide free.

Most organic supplements on the market contain easily edible nutrients that help strengthen joints, improve coat and build up the immune system of younger or older pets.

2) Organic Cleaning Products



Your pets spend a lot of time on the floor playing, sniffing and chewing on toys. By using natural and organic cleaners you are reducing your pets exposure to hazardous chemicals that can cause cancers and kidney damage (scary)

3) Pet Bedding and Toys

Jax and Bones

Jax and Bones

All natural pet bedding is made from eco-friendly products. These beds reduce allergies and sores.

Most non toxic beds are made from hemp, wool or organic cotton fibers.

Thankfully, these options look as good (if not better) than their non-organic counterparts.

4) Dog Toys


Organic Pet Boutique

Dog toys go in your dogs mouth, and having something that is chemical free and does not cause harm if chewed on  is definitely one of our resolutions.

5) Pet Clothes


Organic Plaid

Designers are now looking for natural and organic fabrics to compliment our dogs lifestyle. You can find sweaters, jackets and many other accessories all available in organic.


Not only will these simple changes increase the health and well being of your pet, but you will also be taking a couple steps to  conserve the environment

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  1. YourSpecialDog says:

    These products look really cool and good to use

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