Review of the new Co-op Crossbreed tool


Do you know your Cockapoos from your Shihpoos? Or your Puggle from your Borador?

Neither did we until we were given the opportunity to test the new Crossbreed tool from The Co-operative Insurance. The tool allows you to explore many different crossbreeds by just selecting the parent breeds.

Main page

The tool’s main page

Each page have a clear interface and is very easy to use. The instructions are clear and precise and guide you through the process with ease making it a suitable app for dog lovers of all ages.

Step one is that it instructs the user to select a breed from each of the menus.

scroll 1

Choices, choices…

scroll 2

Now what to pair with choice 1?

The second menu only shows breeds which are commonly cross-bred with the dog you’ve chosen from the first menu. Some breeds have numerous options while others have considerably less.

options chosen

Two lovely breeds

After you have chosen your “parent” breeds, it’s just a case of clicking on “Show Me the Crossbreed” and you’ll be taken to another screen showing you the result.


What a pretty dog!

The result screen has a lovely sized picture of the crossbreed and a brief description (including positives and negatives) of the crossbreed’s personality. You are then able to explore more crossbreeds by clicking on “Find another Crossbreed” button for another round of fun.

I showed this to my children and they had a lot of fun choosing breeds and finding out what the crossbreed was. Not only are the pictures adorable but you learn something as well. My 4 year old was trying to make names out of the 2 breeds we chose to try and guess correctly before the actual name was revealed. I can see this tool being very educational and shall be using it again for that reason.

This is a great little tool that anyone can use and have fun with.


Now tell me, what breeds make up a Chiweenie?



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16 responses to “Review of the new Co-op Crossbreed tool”

  1. Pawesome Cats says:

    I’d never given much thought to cross-breeds, but an interesting post and tool 🙂

  2. Patty says:

    In my day these cross breeds were just called mutts. I guess by the intentional mating of two different breeds they become something special?

    • City Dog Expert says:

      All dogs are special no matter if a pure-breed or a mixed breed. Whether a Mutt, a Heinz Variety or Mongrel, we love them all

  3. Kitty Cat Chronicles says:

    It’s amazing how many cross-breeds there are out there these days! And they’re all so CUTE! What a fun tool. I could see myself spending way too much time exploring all of the adorable options!

  4. M. K. Clinton says:

    This is such a fun process. I checked out the Basset mixes. Thanks!

  5. Bernard Lima-Chavez says:

    I tried to use the cross-breed tool but they didn’t have my breeds. #sad 🙁 But it does seem like an interesting exercise!

  6. Christine Caplan says:

    I live with a Beagle-bassett mix so this was super fun. Thanks!

  7. Fur Everywhere says:

    That sounds like a really fun way to learn about cross-breeds!

  8. Beth says:

    My dog is a cross-breed, but I couldn’t select both of her parents’ breeds with the tool. I think this could be fun to play around with, but I hope people don’t use it to breed ‘designer dogs.’

  9. Jenna "HuskyCrazed" Drady says:

    Oh wow! This is super interesting too!

  10. Suzanne Dean says:

    What a cut little tool, with so many cross breed dogs these days and can get difficult to tell who’s who. I am looking forward to trying this out.

  11. Sweet Purrfections says:

    Very interesting app to see how dogs would look

  12. Elizabeth Keene says:

    The photos are definitely fun to play around with! But I’m with Beth, hoping that people will just play on the net and not try and recreate in real life. 🙂

  13. Ava at Savvy Pet Care says:

    Interesting post and tool. I was hoping it would help you learn what the parents are of a mixed breed.

  14. Robin says:

    This looks like a fun tool to play with! I bet dog lovers could get lost in it for hours looking at some of their favorite cross breeds. It could be really helpful for people considering getting a dog too.

  15. Tenacious Little Terrier says:

    This is an interesting tool. I hope people don’t try to breed them though!

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