5 Thanksgiving foods safe for dogs


There are few things in this world more tempting than the smell of Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing.

Your dog feels the same way and sometimes we are super tempted to just sneak a little food to Fido sitting patiently under the table.

With that in mind, we thought we would write you a list of our top 5 things you can share with your dog on Turkey Day


Cooked Turkey is great for Fido. It’s a great and healthy protein that is a super treat for your dog. Like with any new food, if your dog is not used to turkey, only feed a small amount


Apples– apples are fantastic grated or cubed up small and added to your dogs regular food. My guys love apples so much that they will sit and drool every time I have one. For a thanksgiving treat, we make a puppy friendly snack with apple slices and peanut butter which the dogs love. You can also make pup friendly baked apples or apple sauce with no added sugar that both you and your dog can enjoy


Carrots– carrots are a great and healthy snack for your pup. Steamed or raw, your dog is sure to love them. For Thanksgiving, we like to lightly sauté our carrots in a little coconut oil and add parsley for the pups. Added addition of the parsley helps keep dog breath fresh


Sweet potato– sweet potato are a great (and healthy) bite for our dogs. Sweet potatoes are also rich in anti oxidants and Vit A and C. Make sure there is no salt or sauce on them if feeding them to your pup. We normally make a little sweet potato mash for the pups with a little coconut oil or milk kefir and the dogs love it. You can also bake them and slice up for your dog.


Green beans – a few fresh beans are a great treat for Fido. Avoid any in a sauce of any kind but simple steam, saute or boil is fine for your dog


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dog

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