Sick Day


Is it just me or does everyone around you seem to be getting sick at the minute?

I am not sure if it is the time of year or just a general protest against cold weather. However, no matter how sick you are, Fido still needs looking after. Not many of us City dwellers have the luxury of a large back garden to let Fido exercise himself, so what are we to do in the few instances that you physically can’t take your dog out for a long walk (or even at all)?

Here are our Top 3 tips to keep Fido busy while you recover

Train your dog to pee indoors.

Sometimes training Fido to go on a pee mat can be a life saver when you need extra sleep or are just unable to get down the stairs to walk Fido. It’s obviously not an excuse for not walking your dog on a regular basis, but can really be a life saver when you are sick.



Focus on Mind Games instead of Physical Activity.

We love making our dogs work for their food. Mental exercise is a great way of exhausting Fido (in the same way that we are tired after a statistics exam). So put Fido’s meal in a Kong or Busy Buddy Twist and Treat so he has to work for it.

T311406_GHave a dog walker contact on hand.

Always have a back up plan in place in case you are unable to walk your dog. Make sure you get to know your dog walker and your dog becomes friendly with them and trusts them



Do you have any top tips for keeping Fido busy when you are sick?

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  1. Jenpot says:

    Having a collie, I find sick days are a really good time to go back to basics and do clicker training. She learns something new, she’s tired and I don’t have to do too much apart from dish out treats and praise. Or take the dog to bed with me: instant hot water bottle!

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