The “PitPat” – An activity monitor for dogs


Have you ever wondered just how much activity your friend is getting? Or even wondered whether or not they just sit around at home while you aren’t there? Sometimes it can be hard to gauge how much exercise a city dog is getting, especially if you don’t live near any dog friendly park where you can let them off the leash. Well, a new product has come on to the market called the PitPat and it will give you the answers you seek.


The PitPat is an activity tracker for dogs. It records your dogs movements and then, when you sync it to the app on your phone, it displays all the data it has collected. The device can be attached to any size collar and your dog won’t even know its there. It works with iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth and the app is very user friendly.

First of all you need to make a profile for your dog.


The app has a list of over 200 breeds to choose from so the tracker is very personal to your dog and takes into consideration breed info. When you have added there date of birth and weight, the app makes a recommendation on how much exercise they should be getting.


And now you are ready to go!

At the end of the day, you sync your device to the app and it pulls of all the information it has gathered during the day and it breaks it down to show you exactly how much your dog has been doing that day.


We think that this is a great little gadget and can be useful in many ways. Not only is it good for general use but it is great in situations where you have been told to monitor your dogs exercise by a vet, such as recuperation or for weightloss. Sometimes it isn’t possible to go out for long walks or have lots of time off leash to run around but, atleast with this product, you can make sure Fido is getting enough exercise through indoor play or smaller walks. Perfect for city dogs!


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