Soopa Dog Treats Review

While City Dog Expert were sent these Soopa treats to try, all opinions are our own

I love supporting European products and when the team at Soopa asked if the gang would be up for trying some of their tasty treats, we jumped at the chance.

Soopa treats are healthy, low calorie and insanely moreish (if you ask Houdini!!).

The treats are wonderfully packaged and the flavours are inspired. I can enjoy my kale while the dogs have theirs (I am however sure that theirs tastes much better than any of my cooking!!).


Soopa Pets

We have been using the healthy bites for training sessions as I am zero guilt in giving the dogs limitless amounts. The packaging is also cleverly designed to fit inside my pocket without leaving crumbs everywhere.

All the products are made with natural, human grade ingredients and filled with “super foods’ such as cranberries, kale, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

Every dog had their fav treat with the dental sticks being a clear winner with all the animals. I happily gave the mini dogs (Folly, Jester and Houdini) 1 a day and the maxi dog (Chaplin) had 2 a day. I felt a lot better giving these to the dogs rather than big name brand dental sticks.

Like most good pet companies, Soopa was created with a passion and love for animals. Barbara created Soopa for her dog Lily to increase health and longevity. The treats are bursting with goodness, low in calorie, and hypoallergenic. Winning formula if you ask Houdini.


(the team at Soopa are also fierce rescue advocates and as the owner of 4 rescue dogs, I very much approve)

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