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This is a paid promotion for Auto Trader UK, however all words and opinions are my own

Having a dog in the city is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

It’s sometimes hard to believe that our dogs aren’t the centre of everyone else’s universe 😉

We love them, cherish them and are there for them no matter what.

City life involves sharing our urban oasis with not just other pet owners, but also other pedestrians and road users. We have a responsibility to make it as safe an environment as we can for all of us. It’s our job to make sure our dogs are safe when walking them.

The Auto Trader UK  https://bit.ly/2DFiDEC#sweartochange campaign is encouraging ALL road users to look out for each other on our busy roads.

The idea is that we each change one bad habit we have been doing in order to make our streets safer for everyone.

The main concern for dogs in urban environments is traffic, cars, and cyclists. Making sure that your dog is safe and seen on our busy streets and roads is the epitome of good dog ownership.

One thing we are going to #sweartochange is not using retractable dog leashes, not walking dogs while on the phone,  and not allowing our dogs to walk far ahead of us near roads. We have swapped our regular leads for reflective ones at night time, and by keeping our dogs safely next to us on walks, we can prevent them from running in front of cars and cyclists.

Over 4,000 animals a year are killed in car related accidents and we have a responsibility to keep our dogs safe as best we can. So understanding road safety is a must.

As part of the #sweartochange campaign, Auto Trader UK are giving away thousands of high vis jackets, dog leads and backpack covers

Want to be in with a chance to win?

Enter here  https://bit.ly/2WtrnEY

What do you swear to change?

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