The Boudoir Interview starring Gia Marie


There was a time when a dogs only home was its kennel outside.
Thankfully things have changed and our pets are not just welcome inside, they are given their own bedroom!
In the city, space is a premium but these pampered pooches are given more square footage than most New Yorkers!

We decided to start a new collection of interviews that focus on how dogs live in the city and behind the scenes shots of how our dogs share our apartment space.


Brooklyn Pom Gia Marie

Gia Marie is the most adorable Pomeranian living in NYC. Her owner Victoria purchased this bundle of fluff from a breeder in Westport 2 years ago and she is a self confessed spoiled pup. Gia Marie’s momma converted her dining room into a puppy studio to make sure this little princess had enough space for all her belongings.

What is Gia Marie’s favorite thing about being a city dog?

Gia Marie loves to ride the NYC subway. We always take the trains within the tri- state area.

What does she dislike most about city life?

Gia Marie would love to be able to run wild and play in her own backyard however she loves to visit and play in NYC dog friendly parks.

What is Gia Marie’s favorite color?

Her favorite color is hot pink just like her mommy.

Gia Marie showing off her love of all things pink

Gia Marie showing off her love of all things pink in her private dressing room

What is Gia Marie’s favorite thing in her bedroom?

She loves her toys and is very playful.   She always runs around the apartment with her toys and brings me different toys to play along with her.     Her toys are all over and it’s quite ok.

What is the most extravagant purchase in Gia Marie’s bedroom?

Her most extravagant purchase is her puppy prom dress.


Gia Marie with one of her many couture dresses

What is the daily routine for the Brooklyn Pom?

During the week Gia wakes up early and helps me get ready for work.  She loves watching channel 5 news in the morning while I prepare her breakfast. Gia is always playing with her toys but sits patiently next to me while I apply my makeup.  Always a good girl, she knows when I am ready to leave for work and will go and waits on the couch to get a “goodbye” treat. At night, playful and fun we eat dinner, take our walks and just snuggle on the couch and watch our evening shows.

Weekends we sleep in late, get errands done and meet up with our friends at social events.



Gia Marie and her mom Victoria

Does Gia Marie have an active city dog social life?

Gia Marie’s social life is all about being an active doggie in the NYC dog community.  Gia attends fashion shows, dog charity events and red carpet events that support rescue organizations and animals in need.  Gia loves doggie meetups and loves birthday parties.  Gia also models in fashion shows and has done some modeling projects.

More pink from Gia Marie's  bedroom

More pink from Gia Marie’s bedroom

Victoria, how is your life different since Gia Marie entered it?

My life was different before Gia because when I had my first pom, Frankie she was mostly home and a regular house doggie. Frankie was also sick and had to baby her a lot . With Gia in my life, I have met so many doggie friends and attended so many social events together with her. Every time Gia and I do something special its all in the memory my first pom, Frankie Marie.. Frankie is our angel.

Would you describe Gia Marie’s life as pampered, spoiled or perfect? 

Gia is a spoiled pom. She gets almost anything she wants but most of all she gets unconditional love. I must give her hundreds of kisses and hugs a day. She has so many toys, fashion clothes, leashes, hair bows, beds and the best treats a little pom would want to eat. She gets “table food” too. Yes, whatever I eat she gets. Most of the food I eat is healthy. She loves chicken and pasta. Her favorite snack to have in the hot weather is an Italian cherry ice… A couple of licks and she is a happy pommy.


This teacup pup has more square footage than most New Yorkers

Is Gia Marie a typical city dog?

Gia is the typical city pom. I call her the Brooklyn Pom. Gia is so sweet and silly but don’t underestimate her. If she doesn’t like something the Brooklyn attitude will come out. She is a tough girl when she needs to be. She is a city dog because she hustles and bustles in the city.   It’s Gia’s world… we all just live in it!!!

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5 responses to “The Boudoir Interview starring Gia Marie”

  1. Yvette Ruta says:

    We love Victoria and Gia Marie! Looks like you need an Yvette Ruta armoiur for all Gia’s clothes!

    • citydogexpert says:

      I think Harley Quinn, Houdini and myself would love a Yvette Ruta armoire also!! lol

      Glad you liked the interview.

  2. Jamie says:

    Awesome!!!!! :)))

  3. Celebrity Catwalk says:

    What a great story!!! Go Brooklyn Pom!

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