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It is not often that we come across a product that truly blows all expectations away. The Lounging Hound dear reader, will change your life. It’s perfectly designed for City Dog owners as it allows your dog to sleep on your furniture whilst protecting it from dirt, dog hair and odor. No-one in a small space has the luxury of a “dog room”, so double duty products that save on space (and the need to clutter our apartments with dog beds) are defo winners.

I confess that I had been stalking The Lounging Hound on Instagram for a little while. Their glossy pictures and fabulous posts were making me drool over their epic products. However, I was cautious. The products looked a little “too good to be true” and honestly a little out of my price range for an every day product. So I did nothing but stalk them online. Maybe commenting on the odd story here and there.

However as the staking turned to days, weeks, and then months, I knew my lust for these products needed to be satiated. So when I saw that The Lounging Hound would be at a pet show I was attending, I double highlighted their name in the event handbook, and made a bee line for their stall.

I was not disappointed by anything I saw. The products not only lived up to their amazing instagram pictures, but far exceeded all expectations I had. The velvet was soft to the touch, the fabrics used soft (yet sturdy), and everything was comfortable to the touch for both human and hound.

I didn’t even think twice about handing over my money. I knew this was an investment piece. My only hesitation was in durability. Would these products stand up to 5 mucky pups and numerous foster dogs……(spoilers: they did!!)

The sofa topper I bought looked right at home on my sofa and perfectly complimented the decor of the apartment. The main reason for the purchase was that I wanted Chaplin to be able to use the sofa, so that I could get rid of the rather utilatarian dog beds I had for him. The Lounging Hound Products were an absolute wonder.

I loved the look of the sofa so much that I didn’t take the topper off for days, only to then have a clients dog pee on it on Day 3. This is where the products came into their own. The are not only fully machine washable, but also look brand new once washed. There is not piling. No fading. No rubbed fabric. Everything looked just as good as they did on the first day they arrived. The same can be said of the 2nd time they were washed, and the 3rd time, and the 6th time.

So naturally we wanted the cushions also, and the travel bed.

The travel bed is incredible and made of the same material as the sofa topper, but conveniently folds in a travel size bundle so you can take your dogs fav bed anywhere you are going. As much as I wanted another turmeric colored product, I opted instead for the grey which delivers a certain level of elegance and sophistication to anywhere we travel. It is also waterproof and stands up very well to dirt and playing puppies

I am beyond impressed with everything from The Lounging Hound and highly recommend them to everyone. The Lounging Hound is available both in the UK and the USA

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