Top 3 Dog Friendly City Breaks


We all need a vacation at times, and there is nothing like a “cheeky” weekend getaway or extended trip to leave us feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to get back to work after the Holidays.

The problem with most vacation rentals is that they are not dog friendly, or if they are they charge a huge “security deposit” to enable our K9 friends to stay with us. Because of this, I have started using Airbnb as my first choice of travel provider.

In this new Series, we want to highlight some of the incredible places you can stay at with your dog in our fav cities around the world


We may be slightly bias as we live here, but London is a super pet friendly place to stay. Dogs are welcome into pubs, restaurants and shops. I have never been turned down from an establishment with my dogs and they are always a welcome site (they are super cute though).

We take the dogs for walks along the river, to the market, on the underground and even to the Pub or restaurant. It is hard to find a reason not to take your dog anywhere.








Paris is often said to be the “most romantic city in the world” as well as the heart of fashion and food. Paris is also superbly dog friendly with dogs being seen in restaurants and department stores all over the city. A lot of Parisian hotels are dog friendly and most of the AirBnB‘s we found online were welcoming of pets so the options are plenty. We have never had a problem taking our dogs anywhere in Paris- whether it be the local bakery or on the public transport.





Montreal is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Canada and much more pet friendly than it’s Southern counterpart. We have seen dogs in cafes and bars but a lot of restaurants now are only service dog friendly so make sure you call ahead and ask if you can bring your dog with you.

The number of hotels in the center of town that were pet friendly were limited, but we found the below Airbnb‘s that look incredible




So there you have it. Our first top dog friendly cities perfect for a holiday with your dog.

If you are new to the Airbnb world and interested in taking your pets with you, you can use this free £30/$30 voucher for your first trip. Just click here

What is the best city you have visited with your dog?

Let us know your fav dog friendly city and we will try and feature it in the future



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19 responses to “Top 3 Dog Friendly City Breaks”

  1. Pawesome Cats says:

    These look like wonderful getaway homes for a short-break – and love that they’re pet-friendly too.

  2. Joely Smith says:

    I was surprised to see that London’s spaces were so lovely! Paris was a bit bland (for me), and Montreal just looks so COZY! Would love to visit any of them! Glad to hear they are ALL dog friendly!

  3. Talent Hounds says:

    I love Cannes, Miami and Sydney with dogs. I agree London is amazing- I sat in a pub last year and 3 pups came in Cannes I sit at various restaurants and dogs could be at the next table.
    Miami I was in 2 trendy apartments with AirBNB and so many dogs.

  4. Ruth Epstein says:

    Great article, I recently did an article on Tel Aviv which is totally dog friendly also and am blessed to live in San Francisco which I think has more dogs than kids LOL. Layla is spoiled because just in our area there are about 5 different dog parks, some larger than others

  5. Dash Kitten Crew says:

    We love Paris, it is such a dog friendly city. Wherever you do the gorgeous buildings were the perfect environment for a doogy stroll. When we lived in London we always mvisited paris 3/4 times a year and it is oour favourite city.

  6. The Daily Pip says:

    I knew about London and Paris being dog-friendly, but not about Montreal. Good to know! We will add it to our list.

  7. Cathy Armato says:

    Wow, they actually allow dogs inside restaurants?? Here in the US they’re only allowed on outdoor patios, which sucks if you live in a cold climate! The best place for dog friendlinest I’ve been to is Arizona, Phoenix & Sedona especially. New York City is pretty dog friendly as well but yeah those high fees will bite you!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • City Dog Expert says:
    • We used to live in NYC and never found it easy travelling with our pups there. Thankfully there were small enough to go into carriers so we could take them on the subway. Eating outdoors with dogs is fabulous in New York City but when it is cold, it is horrible 🙁
      We are featuring New York next but will be looking at featuring Phoenix and Arizona soon also. Thanks for the tips
  • Beth says:

    All of these homes are beautiful! When we travel now, we try to rent a home instead of getting hotel rooms. It is more comfortable and friendlier if you have a lot of people. I love that some are dog-friendly. We visited San Francisco in October and dogs were everywhere, it was great. Our town isn’t very dog-friendly.

  • Tonya Wilhelm says:

    Wow. Those are pretty impressive places to visit. Unfortunately, Dexter is too big to fit in cargo.

  • Sarcastic Dog says:

    Would love to do some international traveling with my three dogs! Unfortunately, many cities including Montreal, London and Paris, have bully breed bans or restrictions so that limits where I can go with two labs and pit bull 🙁 Any suggestions for international destinations without breed bans?

  • FiveSibesMom Dorothy says:

    Besides being such wonderful places as Paris, London & Montreal (I have been to Montreal!), these are really beautiful accommodations and so happy to hear all three are pet-friendly!

  • Tenacious Little Terrier says:

    I’d love to visit all three places with dogs someday. Love dog-friendly cities.

  • Robin says:

    You have been a lot of amazing places! Unfortunately, I don’t get to travel much. I would love to do it if I ever got the opportunity! I live in Metro Detroit and things here haven’t really become pet-friendly yet. I’m sure we will get there, but we have a long way to go.

  • Katie Allan says:

    I would love to take my dogs to these cities! I am still a little nervous of flying them overseas though.

  • Bryn Nowell says:

    Nice! I would love to visit any of these awesome locations. Our favorite dog friendly location we’ve visited was Tampa, Florida. We also love Portland, Maine.

  • Kia says:

    Oh wow! I’d love to visit all of these places! I live in the US and would love to go out of the country with my dog. I haven’t done much traveling with my dog….but maybe one day! We will just visit in the US first though.

  • Carol Bryant says:

    I love learning about international destinations with a dog. I so wish I could visit. We have traveled a lot of the US over 25 years with our Cockers. I love pet friendly travel!

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