Top Tips for Fireworks Night


While Pet Remedy sent us a selection of their products to try, all opinions are our own


Fireworks night is upon us, and it is can be pretty scary for some of our four legged friends. Around the world, Bonfire and fireworks night are the busiest times for animals to go missing. As a dog behaviorist, fireworks phobia is also the most common client query I receive.

Here are our top tips on how to help Fido deal with the fireworks.

Walk your dog only at times when they won’t be exposed to fireworks.

Most fireworks start when the sun starts to go down so make sure you and Fido are inside by the time dusk hits. If Fido still needs to go out during the night, make it a quick walk outside and leave the long walks for during the day.

Safe Space

Create a safe space for your dog, whether it be a crate or a bed under the coffee table. Let him hide where he feels safest. Most dogs like the comfort of being somewhere small and sheltered when they are scared.


Distract Your Dog

Use food and activity toys to distract Fido from any loud noises and focus his attention on fun activities instead. I often use a frozen kong filled with something yummy to distract my dogs from any fireworks. Maybe it is also a good time to practice some training to keep Fido occupied?


Stay Home

Try not to leave your dog alone in the house if they have high levels of anxiety. Sometimes the added stress of strange noises, combined with being alone can escalate anxiety levels quickly.

Also, close curtains and leave the TV or radio on to drown out any outside sounds

Be Prepared

Use natural remedies such as pheromone sprays/ plug ins, chamomile treats and valerian root powder to try and calm Fido. We are huge fans of the Pet Remedy collection and since trialing the products, have found that they have reduced anxiety in Houdini (separation anxiety), and Chaplin (new situations and crowds). We have also been trying the wipes with clients dogs and found that they have worked in most dogs to encourage calmness.

Pet Remedy provide a variety of products designed for ease of use and functionality. We have the plug in diffuser in the house but use the calming wipes while out and about.

Pet Remedy uses a mix of valerian, vetiver and essential oils that help calm the nervous system of anxious pets. The products enhance production of a natural brain chemical called GABA sending a calming message to the dog

Start a training program months in advance to desensitize Fido to the noise from the fireworks


Generally, firework season happens at the same time each year so make sure you do a lot of work between now and next year with sound and light desensitization. For sound desentization, try an app called Pup School  and seek the services of a behaviorist if you need further help

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