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Separation anxiety and other fear anxiety issues are a serious problem for many pets and owners in America.

Living in the city can sometime concentrate these problems with the number of people, other animals and loud noises. The attack on all senses can make an anxious dog become paralyzed with fear.

The calm coat is a natural and non invasive way of trying to prevent extreme and mild anxiety issues which can be combined with holistic and drug treatments (anti anxiety drugs) with no side effects.

I like to think of the calm coat as a hug for a dog. It’s unique design wraps around your dog tightly providing a sense of calm and security.

Having used the calm coat while training an extremely nervous senior italian grayhound, I can say that I did notice an improvement in her reactions to the outside world. Sofia went from a shaking wreck that would not move on a walk to a dog that would still shake but had her tail wagging while walking within just a few weeks.

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