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The summer is here and with it comes dirty feet, grass stains and frozen kongs for the babes.

As I have a city apartment, I am constantly looking for products that are not just environmentally friendly but also work well for the small environment that I live in. Unique Naturals ticks all boxes.

The kind folk at Unique Naturals sent me a sample bottle of Pet Odor & Stain Remover to try out and I must say that I am impressed.


I used it after a visit to the park where the pups seemed to bring in more than half of Prospect Park in with them. Thanks to Hurricane Harley, we had grass stains on the sofa, mud on the rug and the remains of a “bully stick” mashed into Houdini’s cream bed. I followed the instructions as followed and saturated the stains with the solution and waited. Within a few minutes, all stains had been lifted. Even though the Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator  does not specifically mention mud or bully stick stains, it removed all without any problems at all.

i don't even know what this stain is. Any guesses?

i don’t even know what this stain is. Any guesses?

I then went to work on a couple of “set in stains”  dried in blood, curry spills (guilty), and a coffee stain on a pillow. All of the stains lifted after a couple of applications. I was very very impressed.

The smell is clean and appears to leave no sticky or artificial residue or fragrance.

I think we are on to a winner with this one and I will be sure to order a case load when this bottle runs out.

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