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I am a big fan of boredom buster toys and am always looking for something new and fun to keep the pups engaged.

When I saw the Mystery Tree Dog Toy Puzzle, I knew I had to have it. It looked interactive enough to keep even Harley Quinn engaged and really played to Houdini’s love of tennis balls.

This toy relies on you engaging your pup with the enclosed tennis ball and then dropping it into the hole at the top of the tree trunk where it then randomly appears in one of the three root sections. Your pup then has to use its nose to try and move the trunk “doors” in order to get the tennis ball out.

Drop the tennis ball in the top and it randomly appears in 1 of the 3 tree trunk doors

Drop the tennis ball in the top and it randomly appears in 1 of the 3 tree trunk doors

Within the first two minutes of play, Harley Quinn broke one of the doors in frustration. This product is not designed for paws to touch it (an impossible ask of a puppy).

Broken hinge

Broken hinge


Thankfully the people at Kyjen sent us a replacement part and Harley Quinn was not allowed to play with it anymore.

Because of the failure the first time, we decided to only allow Houdini to play with the Mystery Puzzle. He then in turn broke the exact same door but this time without the help of any puppy paws.

The game is still usable even with the broken door but I am just too conscious of how fragile it is to allow the dogs to play with it anymore.

Have you tried this toy or any other Boredom Buster toys?

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