When your dog embarrasses you


As pet owners, sometimes we just have to follow the words of that rather annoying Disney song goes “Let It Go”.

We cannot afford to take ourselves too seriously as dog owners because trying to micromanage every element of our own life (let alone our dogs life) is the easiest way to set yourself up to fail.

Dogs will be dogs at the end of the day and they will…

At the end of the day, dogs will be dogs and we should take a lesson from their book and not worry about the small things. If you can’t shit on it, or pee on it, just kick dirt over it and move on

What’s the most embarrassing thing your dog has done?

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2 responses to “When your dog embarrasses you”

  1. Luna C. Lupus says:

    This post made me laugh so much! I’m definitely familiar with my dogs embarrassing me! My Bailey is reactive and she has a long history of going completely haywire when I need it least! 😉 But I love her beyond belief and like you said, it’s actually quite funny and nothing to dwell on!

    • City Dog Expert says:

      Ahhh but Luna, you didn’t answer the question.
      What’s the most embarrassing thing Bailey has done? 😉

      If you answer, I will tell me my best story

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