Woof and Well Award 2022


Dogs don’t judge, get bored of our jokes or tire of walks along the same route. For owners of
the 12.5 million dogs across the UK, their canine companion has made the world of difference to
their life and the lives of their family. Their woof keeps us well, and now following on from the
huge success of its first year, Vet’s Kitchen is re-launching the unique award with the same name
for 2022.

spaniel dog laying on its back in the grass

Although the Woof & Well Award was created in recognition of the contribution dogs have made
to our health and wellbeing since March 2020, we know our faithful companions have been there
for their families throughout all sorts of situations, not just the pandemic. “We thought it was time
to give our dogs recognition for their love and loyalty,” says Laura Shears MD of Vet’s Kitchen.

“Humans and their canine companions have always made for a winning team. Whether they are a
working dog on a farm, an assistance dog in the home or a companion, our pets very quickly
become an important part of the family and more than ever in recent times, we have relied on
them for the emotional support we needed.”

a husky sits on the ground with a woof and well award in front of it

Dogs like Roxy from Norfolk who was our 2021 Woof & Well winner, have changed our outlook on
life. Roxy was adopted into Sarah Rhodes’ family and it soon became apparent who had rescued
who. Sarah says: “Roxy has brought such comfort and amusement to us with her funny ways that
it has made everything much easier to cope with. The Woof & Well award is a wonderful way to
repay the love and loyalty shown to us by our dogs – they really are a unique member of the

a husky and it's owner look at the camera with a woof and well award

The Vet’s Kitchen Woof and Well Award is looking for tales of everyday heroism from owners who
want to thank their dog for helping them and their family feel better; dogs who have proven their worth as part of your family.

Have they been there for you through tough times; helped you get fit or supported the family in ways only dogs can?

a dog stares out of the window looking very sad

The award is for a special dog or dogs and their family who’ve shown that living your best life can
be as simple as doing it together! All entries will be judged by the expert team at Vet’s Kitchen
including Fiona Firth, the Vet’s Kitchen Nutritionist who owns two dogs Theo and Yogi. She says,
“At Vet’s Kitchen we recognise that the bond between dog and owner is a powerful one and
speaking from experience I wouldn’t be without my dogs. They really are wonderful companions.”

Tell us your story by getting in touch here: or via the @vetskitchen social media accounts and tell us why your dog is a worthy winner and a photo.
Don’t forget to tag @vetskitchen and #vetskitchenwoofandwell.

chocolate labrador licking his nose

The most inspiring dog will receive a trophy, a selection of Vet’s Kitchen products and a short
break for themselves and their family at a UK dog-friendly location.
Second and third prizes of runner-up rosettes will also be awarded together with PitPat fitness
trackers and a selection of Vet’s Kitchen products.  
The competition launches on the 10 th March as Crufts kicks off and remains open until 31 st July 2022. Full T&Cs on the Vet’s Kitchen website

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